Monday, January 31, 2011

for your monday

You've caught me thinking about entrances and exits --- the way people come and go in our lives. How they leave and when. What they do in those first few minutes when we are still sizing them up, wondering if they're passing through or will be staying for a long while.

You've caught me thinking about the emphasis we place on the way things end, when so many of our biggest moments are found in the very beginning.

You've caught me thinking. On a Monday.

Footprint on Your Heart
by Gary Lenhart

Someone will walk into your life,
Leave a footprint on your heart,
Turn it into a mudroom cluttered
With encrusted boots, children's mittens,
Scratchy scarves---
Where you linger to unwrap
Or ready yourself for rough exits
Into howling gales or onto
Frozen car seats, expulsions
Into the great outdoors where touch
Is muffled, noses glisten,
And breaths stab,
So that when you meet someone
Who is leaving your life
You will be able to wave stiff
Icy mitts and look forward
To an evening in spring
When you can fold winter away
Until your next encounter with
A chill so numbing you strew
The heart's antechamber
With layers of rural garble.

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Obviously, you have caught me thinking on a Monday too.