Wednesday, January 26, 2011

potty training for the dumb and uninformed

That would be the name of my best-selling book, if I had one. I am uniquely equipped to write that book, being both dumb AND uninformed, in case you were worried.

I'm taking notes now as I do my best to live up to my talents in the Training of the Potty. (Because, you know, I've done it so many times before.)

We spend a lot of time singing this song.

You're welcome.

* I walked into the bathroom Monday afternoon to find Piggie sitting just so, on this tiny doll-sized potty. It appears that Bean would like to enlist additional members into our training class
** And I feel compelled, as per my Expert Status would require, to tell you that the band who performs the song is Over the Rhine. That's a typo up there in the clip. Just in case you too decide you must listen to the song for helpful tips.


Rose said...

(After listening to part of the song) Uhhhhhh... lol! My worries is that my kids would bust out singing that in the middle of Church! Or request to sing it in singing time for Primary.

Good luck with the potty training adventure!

Megan said...
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Megan said...

Oh the joys of this adventure! I've always heard that girls are much easier to train than boys so feel lucky there...all 3 of my girls were very easy. Rilynn who will be 3 next week was potty trained about 8 months ago(still pull-ups at night for my sanity though...she mostly wakes up dry, but I don't want to chance the sheet changing) It took about a week, but I kept her naked on her lower 1/2 when we were at home. She would pee in a pull-up or panties but she wouldn't pee with nothing on. That worked for her and she learned fast. She does everything on her own now except I make her call me in when she does #2 so I can do the wiping. :) Good Luck!!!

Bird said...

Somehow my kid ended up potty trained. I'm not sure how because we totally sucked at training him but he now wears underwear all the time and has no accidents so lets just say it can be done.

ixBeths said...

I kindof love that song.

Did you KNOW that stomach bug germs are transmissible ONLY via a fecal-oral route? Meaning that, when you get the vomiting flu, like I am so often finding myself doing - what with my four children in four different classes in two different schools and coming into contact regularly with 120+ children per day, children who do not wash their hands or wipe themselves properly or wash their hands after they wipe themselves IMproperly - the reason is because not ALL the poop went in the potty, and YOU ingested some?

True story.