Monday, January 3, 2011

permission at the beginning of the year


Let it go. Let it all go - the hammering and irk of bad decisions, the swallowed gulp of embarrassment. Let it go.

Stop thinking about what you did that one time and how dumb you felt because of it. And while you're at it, stop thinking about what you wished you would have done instead.

Don't relive that moment of anger. Don't revisit it, feeling the rush of heat on your cheeks and the rising clutch of tension in your belly. Don't think of all the things you said and how you threw a shoe at the door, you were so mad.

There is no potion to bring you back, no magic incantation that will deliver a moment already gone into your hands.

This is your permission at the dawn of a new year: to stop clutching at things gone by; and instead - to run headlong into the days ahead. To fling your arms wide - and wider still - at the tomorrows coming your way, and even better still, to love this day you're living today. It's yours to do with as you will.


Happy new year, my friends.

A glorious way to kick off the new year: a lovely box of GOODIES. Rose has the latest GMBOA contest up on her blog - starting today! Go forth and make me proud.


Rose said...

Only you and one other person participated yesterday! Pathetic! Oh well, I guess that makes the chances better for you and the other participant. :)

Sara Hammond said...

I saw this yesterday, but couldn't read it until today. And I am so glad, because it is so applicable after an experience I had just last night. Thank you.