Thursday, January 27, 2011

a phone message I would have left last night

Hi, sweetie. It's me. Of course you know it's me because you have caller ID. And quite frankly, it's a miracle if you're listening to this message because you don't really listen to messages, you just call people back. But just in case, I know we already talked tonight - and I had some work to do and so did you; reports, I think you said. I know we already talked tonight but there are these things that I forgot to tell you.

Like how cute Bean's bum is in her Big Girl Underpanties. So cute, you have no idea.

Like how well she did on her first day of potty training--- I am so proud I could burst. She only had one accident. The unmistakeable sound of drip drip drip gush on the hardwood floor, it was like a levy breaking. I ran upstairs, holding her aloft, hoping to salvage the opportunity to pee. Of course it was lost - staining her shocking white unders yellow. She was most upset about that, the panties-- the panties, mommy! When I whisked out a new pair, she quieted. I told her it was okay. Accidents happen. Ten minutes later there was this awesome moment when she came to me asking to go to the potty. Again, we rushed upstairs, and met with absolute NUMBER TWO CONTACT SUCCESS. The joy. The joy, Chip, it was perfect. She threw her arms around my neck and squealed.

Like how tonight, when I was putting Bean to bed and it was her turn to say her prayer, she insisted that she do it herself. She pulled herself off my lap and sat across from me in the dark room. Her small head bent over her arms. This is what she said, "I'm grateful for my family. Thank you for piggie. We had a great day today. Please bless my buddies. I'm grateful for mommy. And daddy. I love daddy. I love daddy - and he loves me (and now she was singing--) WE ARE A HAPPY FAMILY!"--- and then this: a breathy pause, a small hand on my arm, a whisper, "Mommy---can you pease help me?". We finished together.

There were many small moments like that today. Little glimmers of joy that I wish I could wrap up and give to you. If I could, I'd send these boxes of joy to you on the next southern flying wind, so they'd find their way into your pocket while you work. In a quiet minute in your car you could open one of the boxes, pull the long string until the wrappings open with a small pop. Perhaps you'd open a little gift of Alice's laugh.

We miss you. But you know that, you must always know that, I say it so often.

Call me back when you can. I love you.


Anonymous said...

#2 success on Day 1? Clearly your child is genius!

I'll never forget my first glimpse of my girl in big girl underpants. It broke my heart to see her tiny bum in non-diaper apparel because it made her look so grown up.

Hope Day #2 is met with equal success!

Sibley Saga .... said...

Aww. I'm sure Chip is just so full of fatherly pride and joy that he can hardly stand it.

Yay for those lovely little moments that make being a parent wonderful!

Stacey said...

I remember those traveling days all so well! The thing that's great about having kids though is that they actually want to hear about every detail of your day with them. When I was just working and telling him every detail about the lives of my coworkers I'd get "you know, I really don't need to know all of this about your coworkers." But that's all I had to talk about!

Rose said...

Aw, her prayer is so sweet.

Okay, seriously, just the other day, I asked my husband, "Is it bad that I think my daughter's butt looks cute in panties?" (It's the daughter that's the same age as yours). He raised his eyebrow at me like I was a freak... I'm glad I'm not the only "freak."

Sara Hammond said...

Ooh, missing Daddy is hard. What a sweet way to remember this time. Good luck with day #2!

artemisia said...

You frame your days so well. I hope Chip comes home soon!

ixBeths said...

so sweet

Andrea said...

Oh, if we could only wrap up those moments of pure joy! I have tried to wrap some up and store in my heart--it works, but they fade a little. Save some of those bright tiny boxes for yourself to open after the next decade. They only become more precious. I hope you videotape; it helps some.

~Aimee~ said...

Her prayer reminded me of Nursery last week. Thomas volunteered to say the prayer for snack, so he began, then trailed off, so Luke jumped in and continued before trailing off as well. Alice jumped right in and helped finish the prayer. As I said to Penny at the time, "In our Nursery, prayer is a group effort!" It was really adorable, all three of them working together to get the prayer finished.