Monday, June 20, 2011

friday, week in pictures

I'm not sure I really remember much of Friday, except being unbelieveably tired. But I can tell you that we survived the week, we all survived the week, even through Shelby desperately missed her parents - even though Alice really missed having us all to herself - even though Chip seriously missed being able to watch television in our bedroom - and even though Whimsy missed her sanity. WE ALL SURVIVED.

I think I learned some lessons, but they're all a bit fuzzy. Hoping for clarity tomorrow, when the Father's Day Festivity Exhaustion has passed.

Until then, I leave you with pictures from last week. I'll let you guess what we did A LOT of. And also to wonder, again, why the heck Alice loves that ratty brown hat so much.







Kay said...

Glad to hear everyone survived. It looks like the girls went to a mardi gras parade.

Alicia said...

ahem. i go away for the week, and when i return, all i get is a post from MONDAY? ahem.

(i'm a hypocrite.)

also, i really love that ratty brown hat. very 3 year old kurt cobain. you're in the northwest. it works.