Wednesday, June 15, 2011


A day of few words, Tuesday.

They rode bikes, I was the Catcher in the Asphalt, so to speak--- standing spread-arm across the driveway to turn the girls around and head them back to do another circle. I watched their legs pedal furiously at tiny tricycle wheels.

They watched a movie and ate popcorn. This, I brought to them, in heaping bowl after bowl. Their companionship creates an appetite, it would seem.

They played dress up with skirts and dresses and beads. Accessorized with rainboots and handbags, everything they could carry.

They did their thing, another day of it.

On to tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

I'm delurking to say it sounds like both girls are having a wonderful time :) Bethannie

Tamara said...

Sounds like everything is going good so far. Keeping up the entertainment is probably the most stressful, but you are handling it well. Hope the next 3 days go smoothly!