Wednesday, June 8, 2011

things that are making me happy right now

These hands, and for that matter, this chalk.

The perfect antidote for too much time spent indoors. We have big plans for the driveway this summer.

This excellent photo opportunity to get some of the treasure box contents in action! out in the wild!

She smuggled them in her handbag to Sears, and while we were inspecting lawn mowers (a very exciting purchase we couldn't WAIT to make, to replace our old lawnmower that up and died on Saturday)--- Alice got busy emptying her many special treasures on the Sears' Lawn Astroturf.

This goat.

We saw him sunbathing at the zoo on Saturday. We stood over his comatose body for several minutes, just making sure that he wasn't some kind of unfortunate victim of sun stroke or goat stroke or whatever it might be---- I imagined the scene, some kind of zoo ambulance pulling up with a goat stretcher. Luckily it was all for naught: his chest rising and falling in the sunlight. Now I look at the photo and just smile: our goaty friend, taking it easy.

This snow leopard.

More sleeping poses--- what is it about animals taking a snooze?

This girl.

As she was watching the otters, she noticed all the other kids had cameras held up to their faces. Being three-years-old, she did not have a camera.

But that didn't stop her from pretending.

What's making you happy right now?

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Alicia said...

The idea of owning a backyard Friday, the purchase of patio furniture for said backyard today, the saving of $250 at Target on said purchase of said patio furniture, Archer saying popKICKle!