Thursday, June 16, 2011


*Late Thursday night I actually went back in and CHANGED THE TITLES of each post, because it continued to bug me throughout the day. So I guess that solves that.

I realized a little too late (read: Wednesday afternoon) that I should have titled these posts the days that they're written about, instead of the day they're posted on. It would have made more sense. But then again, that is pretty much par for the course of Wednesday (the day that this post is, obviously, ABOUT).

I decided that Wednesday was a lost cause before I made the genius observation about blog titles but after I got a split lip from an ill-timed Alice headbutt. It was also after I managed to spill the contents of a toddler potty on the wall. No really - I'm feeling sick just typing it.


After mopping and scrubbing and bleaching the bathroom within an inch of its life, I told Chip that it wouldn't be a stellar day at home unless I had gotten up close and personal with at least one human byproduct.

That was Wednesday. Between irritating blog post realizations and split lips was the following: a trip out into the wide world (totally innocuous errands), a group effort to make waffles (the girls counted cups of flour and teaspoons of baking powder for their part, along with eating a tremendous number of waffles), and lots of time out on the driveway.

Here's what I know so far: I give them things to look forward to each day, like movies with popcorn and chalk drawing on the driveway and making bead necklaces. I let them both be cranky, within reason; and bossy, within reason; and unreasonable, within reason (if that makes sense). I also know that this is quite possibly the worst time ever, in the history of the universe, to be on a diet. Because 'round about 9pm when the girls are finally asleep and Chip and I are huddled on the couch doing our best not to miss our bedroom (where Shelby is sleeping on the floor)--- the thing I want, above all, is to reward myself with a whole truckload of fatty goodness. It explains why, after the blog epiphany and the pee-on-the-wall and the bloody lip and the general roughness of the day, I consumed TWO corndogs (I'm not proud) with a waffle chaser (maybe a little proud).

Onward and upward, folks. Three days down and two to go.

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