Monday, June 6, 2011

modern archeology

In my continued study of the 3-year-old child, I have come across the following oddity:


or, as we really think of it: the random box of crap

When she first started throwing stuff into a box to carry it around the house, I tried to put everything away each night. But after a while, I just gave in. Let her throw stuff into the box and love it for all it was worth.

But every once in a while, I like to sneak a peek at the contents.

The question isn't why should one would carry a moon-shaped cookie cutter around in a box. The question is why SHOULDN'T one carry a moon-shaped cookie cutter around in a box.

A gum massager.

Also doubles as a poking device and pretend spoon.

Not that she would ever even eat there, but it's important to carry around a list of all PF Chang's locations in the U.S.

Just because.

Hotel soaps. Can't just have one.

Bottle connecting thingies from Costco.

(I don't understand why they're in the box, but I've been told by Alice that they're essential. And I guess that's true because she don't just have one, she has THREE.)

Perhaps the ugliest man-bracelet ever made.

No, it is not Chip's. (He needs to make sure you know that.)

Hey Alice, what are you doing with these highlighters?

Mommy, they aren't highlighters. They're microphones.

No bubbles, but a wand. She says it's magic.

Two kinds of clothespins.

You never know when you're going to need fabric for itty-bitty sewing projects.

In case anyone needs a travel toothbrush cover, Bean has an extra.

What every girl needs: a teeny tiny book...

...a teeny tiny book with quotes about cats.

A mini rolling pin. For those last minute cookie-making emergencies.

Chip, I think I found your contact lenses.


Jayme said...

ROFL- kids and their treasures! Ryan was storing them in his pajamas over the winter. Perhaps he needs a box.

Alicia said...

I keep worrying that Anneke has OCD because she stores little nests of things like rocks, glitter, sequins, broken pieces of plastic she finds on the playground at school, pinecones, etc.

Rainyday said...

My boys each have similar boxes on the go as I type. Why do we buy them toys again??