Monday, June 13, 2011

an introduction to the week

This is day one.

The undertaking: two three-year-olds under my roof, 24-hours-a-day, for a consecutive five days. One of the three-year-olds is mine. The other one belongs to dear friend Kate who is out of town for a work conference.

The plan: it's no secret that I am a bit on the extreme end of "structured". So I'm a little freaked out by this week. It's something like a lesson in chaos, I think, and so I've decided to tackle it by doing the following--- 1. Avoid going out; play outside, play inside, do anything and everything to eliminate the need to shop or gather anything that would require putting me and two strong-willed (albeit adorable) 3-year-olds out in the wild, defenseless; 2. Deep breathing and meditation to keep me nice and mellow; and 3. Lots (and lots and lots and LOTS) of planned activities to keep the inmates happy.

For your enjoyment, I'll share my findings here.

And if you have any suggestions (or survival techniques), please do let me know.


KAY said...

Ooh. Good luck. I'm a bit fuzzy remembering this age, but i remember being pleasantly surprised that 3yos will play together and you are the chief referee/attention diverter at critical moments. I know they'll have lots of fun -- your studio is filled with the funnest crafting stuff.

(Am I to undersrand you will also have Kate's child OVERNIGHT?!?)

Tamara said...

Best of luck with the those two little girls. Hoping the days go quickly by without any major incidents.

Rose said...

Yeah, what Kay said... just let them play together, and occasionally you'll have to referee them. It wouldn't hurt to have at least one structured activity per day... but I'm sure you'll do great!