Wednesday, April 16, 2008

6 weeks

She is making new sounds. There's a funny Woody The Woodpecker-like gurgle that is so weird we laugh every single time we hear it. There is a range of grunts that are especially noticeable when she's nursing and is not happy with how she's situated. She also grunts when we touch her or move her when she's in a deep sleep and is particularly comfortable. It's like the GO AWAY grunt.

After a few close calls, we most definitely received our first Real Smiles yesterday morning around 6:30 a.m. when Miss Bean was snuggled between Chip and I in bed.

She loves to be held and cuddled.

Fergus and Phoebe continue to be very concerned when there are long bouts of crying. They tend to hover in Bean's general area looking to us to FIX IT - FIX IT NOW!!!

We found a genuine Bean Hair nestled into one of her blankets on Sunday. It was about an inch long. I think it's too early to invest in Hair Club for Men.

She loves taking baths, and especially loves the part where we let her kick kick kick in the water. The peeing on the parents before or after bathtime is just a bonus.

Her cheeks are so chubby we can't help to just kiss them all over.

She has genuinely sausage-shaped toes.

She is starting to make that wonderful baby Ahh-ahh sound. Heaven must be full of this sound.

I've been keeping a daily journal for her, writing bits of about the things she does each day. It's amazing how many firsts a person can have. First bath, first smile, first car ride, first shot at the doctor's office, first episode of peeing AND pooping on parents. She is full of firsts and we don't want to miss a single one of them.

She had her first trip to the park this past weekend. There were many suspicious looks given to that bright orb thing in the sky. I also changed her diaper while we were there, and she spent a significant amount of naked time on the blanket. Chip laughed that we'd have to tell her about her nudist tendencies when she gets older.

She loves to sleep on Chip's chest.

When Chip is bottle-feeding her in the evening, she spends long stretches of time just staring at him.

There are moments when my heart feels full-to-bursting with love for this little creature. And then a day passes, and she looks at me in a new way and I feel like no, it's this moment when I can't possibly love her anymore.


Artemisia said...

Oh, Jeez. Those cheeks!

I am so glad to hear how happy you are.

I need to call my sister tonight.

I need to plan another trip to see her and The Delightful Little M. He is probably in the "ahh ahh" stage, too. Oh, my.

emily said...

she's perfect! darling and those eyes! wow! look out boys!

ailene said...

What a beautiful baby!!! :) I can't wait for my daughter to start doing the Ahh sounds... :)