Tuesday, April 8, 2008

classy class

DISAPPOINTING NEWS - I went to my first mom & baby class today. And it ROCKED. I say it was disappointing because I was really hoping, for your sakes, that it would be some kind of wonderful tragedy that I could then share with all of you, kindly mocking all of the weirdness while extoling the virtues of perfectly fabulous me and angelic Alice. Instead, we got a very nice instructor/moderator woman who DOESN'T APPEAR TO HATE ME. We also got a nice group of women and babies who were both friendly and helpful. I'm so sorry. I tried.

I'm going to continue the class. We compared notes and also had a baby-wearing demonstration. (Let me just say that the mocking and irritable part of me totally wants to take the whole BABY WEARING term and notion to town - but in truth, I think it's awesome. We have a Moby and love it. I will refrain from telling you how a certain other member of the Whimsy household -who is not Whimsy- also wears Alice around in the Moby, but closes all the blinds and windows before the wearing commences, and will also fling it off in under 3 seconds flat if someone rings the doorbell.) Anyway. Because it's all women, it was fine to breast feed Alice (we were in the middle of the Daily Alice Feeding Frenzy, so access to boobs was a necessity). My newest New Mother Hurdle is the whole attempt to wrangle the baby and feed the baby when outside the house. When I'm home, I have all sorts of props and accessories to rely on for feeding and the like. When outside the house, say, in a hospital conference room surrounded by 20 other woman and babies, the feeding and manipulation of baby, nipple shield, and blanket become pretty challenging. I SURVIVED, AND SO DID ALICE. We are celebrating around here, let me tell you.

Class = pretty great. I'll keep you posted if today's venture was an exception.


Pickles & Dimes said...

Hee - the image of Chip with the Moby is so cute!

Heidi said...

Oh, I also loved the image of Chip wearing Alice. :)

I'm glad your class went well! And breast feeding outside the house is very awkward at first, but it gets easier. (Though a nipple shield would make things more complicated... Are you planning to fade the use of it? Or do you like it and plan to continue?)

Whimsy said...

You have to see it to believe it. It's very cute.

ailene said...

What's a Moby?

Perhaps you can sometimes practice like you're out and about when you're at home... do the whole blanket cover thing etc... while you're on the couch...

If more of you gets exposed than necessary (on purpose or on accident), just remember that public breastfeeding is a right protected by law. If someone gives you crap... just tell them that there's nothing offensive about seeing someone eat in public... of course you won't get crap at the mom and baby class... at least I would hope not!