Sunday, April 6, 2008

audience participation

I am guilty of not delivering on some stories that I promised to tell. I am also totally indecisive.

So what do I do? I leave it all up to you.

Voting begins now and will run through Thursday - I'll tell the winning story on Friday and leave the other(s) for another day.

On the ballot:

The Darker Side of Mendhi:
Wherein during her trip here, The Wife and I both get henna designs on parts of our bodies by a very crunchy granola earth mother lady AT HER HOUSE and there is both hilarity, much more Whimsy skin exposure to the outside than I will EVER be comfortable with, and tiny bits of dried henna strewn around the house.

Our Last Birth and Labor Class:
Wherein Chip quite suddenly WINS THE HEART OF UNFRIENDLY INSTRUCTOR CINDY and also becomes the model for using the birthing bed. Have I mentioned that we used NOTHING we learned in Birth and Labor class? NOTHING.

Wild Card:
I have seriously lost track of some of the stuff I promised to share... so if you remember something particular that just seemed beyond fantastic, comment about it and we'll include it in the voting. (Something I haven't forgotten about is Bean's birth story. That is still coming. I PROMISE - but it's not included in the voting.

Ready, set, GO!


Heidi said...

Ooh, they all sound good, but "The Darker Side of Mendhi" sounds quite dramatic, so I'd probably vote for that.

And I definitely want to hear the birth story, and any of the other things you promised in your "gone fishin" post last month that you might have time for. :)

The Wife said...

Since I was on The Darker Side of Mendhi, I wanna hear about your last Labor and Delivery Class and Chip's use of the birthing table.

I'm so glad you're back. I've missed you.

Pickles & Dimes said...

I definitely want to hear how Chip won Cindy's everlasting love and respect!

ailene said...

Ooh... they both sound exciting! I dont know which one to vote for... and I don't have a coin within my reach... so grab a coin and flip it...

If it's heads... I vote for the first one...

If it's tails... I vote for the second... :)

tearese said...

A little of both please. Or the class one maybe. I got henna designs on my feet once. But I did them myself so they looked really crappy. Thats all.

wandering nana said...

I think I would like to see pictures of the birthing class with Chip. I too want to hear about the birth.

Chelle said...

I echo Nana's comments - I'm all for the lowdown on Birthing 101.

angelalois said...

class class class!