Monday, April 21, 2008

the day the hard drive died

My parents and my younger brother and his wife were in town this weekend. There is a particular vortex of bad juju that follows my parents when they visit us here. I won't go into too many details - but in the past we've had things like head injuries (to my cousin who was watching their dog while they were out of town) and particularly heinous sleeping experiences. This trip didn't disappoint. Apparently Russia blessed us with some kind of cosmic death weather and we had SNOW, SLEET, HAIL, THUNDER AND LIGHTENING, and have I mentioned SNOW??? IN APRIL??? It was colder here than it was in Utah where they live. Luckily they were all good sports and they made the most of the trip.

One of my favorite random memories from this trip was from Friday evening when I was driving my parents and Bean to pick up dinner. It had been snowing for some time, and I kept trying to explain that Seattle snow is VERY DIFFERENT from Utah snow. It's so much heavier, for one thing. And secondly, it's extraordinarily wet. This makes for some pretty slippery conditions while driving. Not to mention that we Northwesterners just aren't that used to the snow anyway. So, um, we don't really drive in it all that well. Yours truly most definitely included. I can manage to run into a telephone pole on the flatest of streets (true story). I try to avoid driving in The White Stuff whenever I can. So - here I am, driving my mother and father around in April Snow Death Watch 2008 and I'm telling them about how we have to be so careful. And already we're slipping and sliding all over the place. Meanwhile I have my brother and his wife following us in a rental car. The bro is no slouch with the Extreme Driving (for the sake of our relationship I do not sit in the front seat when Little Bro drives - it's just better for EVERYONE). This is seriously the longest introduction EVER to tell you that Winston just kept telling me to drive ZIPPY. As in, Whimsy - just zip on in there! Take no prisoners! You can do it! Zip! Zip! ZIPPY!!!

Anyway, the weekend was awesome despite weather heinousness, the Little Bro getting a speeding ticket, and a particularly unfortunate experience at Red Robin.

The Little Bro also did some doctoring of our PC. HOURS of doctoring. And then this morning, our hard drive just up and DIED. DONE. OVER. ENDED. MAKING HORRID NOISES AND THEN PLLLLLLUUUUUUUUUUUTTTTTZZZZZZZZZZZZ.

How was your weekend?


Heidi said...

Oh man! I am not computer literate so having my hard drive die would be horrendous! Good luck.

I agree, what is up with the snow?! I liked how you said we got the weather from Russia, funny! It sure feels like it.

The Wife said...


Oh how we do love the Winston and British driving tactics. Charming!

Sorry about your snow...if it comforts you any we went from hot and sticky to thunderstorms all weekend long.

stacie d said...

Stories about your family in cars always make me smile with memories of us all in a car driving to Idaho.

My weekend: Went on a great date with a guy I used to work with in radio. Next day I listen to his morning show and hear him talking about his wife & son. How lovely.

tearese said...

Wow, how stressful. When my parents visited in Seattle, I had Joseph drive or I let them drive my car, to avoid the stress. But it wasn't even snowing then. Yikes.

ailene said...

We were sick over the weekend! I wanted to take our kids to go out the in the snow, but the only ones that would have felt good enough to go out would have been my oldest boy, and my newborn daughter. I wasn't feeling good enough to go out, and neither was my husband... so we all stayed inside... maybe next time!