Friday, April 4, 2008

stripes of more than one kind

Fergus spent the entire day yesterday sleeping in the laundry basket of CLEAN clothes. I didn't have the heart to make him move. Apparently neither did Chip when he called me upstairs last night, showing me how Fergus had managed to burrow down a good six inches into clean clothes. Life for the cats hasn't been that bad since Bean's entrance. My mom spoiled them horribly, even though Phoebe wasn't on her best behavior. I had been worried about the cats and their reception to The Great Intruder, but they seem to accept that (in Chip's words) I've had a kitten of my very own. Or something like that.

Speaking of Alice, she was one month old yesterday. We did not put any sort of birthday candle on my breasts (is breast feeding humor totally off limits?). However, we did call attention to the fact that she's getting ready to graduate to size 1 diapers in the next week or so, and it makes me a little bit sad. Even the size 1 diapers seem ginormous to my eyes.

Lastly, I'm feeling more at home with Fergus these days because I've developed stripes of my very own, in the form of the dreaded STRETCH MARKS. I was suckered into buying some sort of miracle stretch mark cream a couple of months ago and it's done jack for my stripes. There they are, in all their angry red glory - mocking me as I continue to slather on various creams and gels and lotions. I know they're going to eventually fade to a silvery flesh color, WITHOUT ANY HELP FROM THE EXPENSIVE CREAM. I had thought I'd avoided the stretch marks until about week 33 in the pregnancy when they seemed to blossom overnight. Note to my first-time pregnant friends: if you think you've avoided the stripes, don't get cocky. Life has a way of knocking you back a few if you get too het up on your own self. Be humble in your acceptance of your non-stretch marked self and hope for the best.

I'm going to go spend some time with Fergus (he has abandoned the laundry basket today in favor of our bed). I've got to make some notes on how he makes stripes so cool.

Have a GREAT weekend!


Pickles & Dimes said...

Our cat even likes hanging out in the empty clothes basket. Weirdo.

Stretch marks suck. I actually got a few on my hips for some reason (I only weight 20 lbs. more now than I did in high school, and I was a skinny mini back then), so I'm not entirely sure why they showed up. But even they faded to the point where I can't see them.

"Had a kitten of your own" = hee!

condiefamily said...

HMMMMM. Stripes. I guess you could say that, "you have earned your stripes." In the military stripes give you rank- the more stripes you have the more seniority and rank you possess. I think these concepts are relevent in your case as well! So, congratulations soldier on a job well done- you definitely earned your stripes-Alice Faye is BEAUTIFUL!!!

ailene said...

Oh... and a note for the pregnant ladies who are on their due date and don't see any stretch marks... JUST WAIT until after you deliver... that underside of your belly that you can never see? Yep... they are there... :)

tearese said...

yeah, I didn't get the marks till the very end with Elora too. And I've got TONS, and they're very big. My mom always said how they completely dissapear later, but when she saw those of my sister and myself she couldn't help but exclaiming at their multiplicity and ginormousness. I can never wear a swimming suit again. Or at least not a tankini.

Tamara said...

I thought I was in the all clear. I religiously lotioned my belly every day. Then, out of no where they appear when I only had one week left. How unfair is that? I'm a week overdue now and a few more small ones have revealed themselves. I'm sad about it since the lotioning didn't prevent a thing.

Tessie said...

Yeah, I'm with Shauna, the cruel irony is that I got stretch marks in PUBERTY but not in pregnancy. BAH.