Thursday, July 3, 2008

alice at four months

These are the moments when magic happens:

- When Alice is laying on my chest, smiling at me for all she's worth. Smiling like that because she's looking at me, her mom.

- When Alice is rolling over for the first time. The house is quiet except for my clapping and squealing and yay-ing like I've just won the lottery. And when she rolls over again. And again. And again. (And even again later, showing off for daddy.) We are so proud.

- When Alice is grabbing things (my hair, my glasses, her butterfly toy from Auntie Stacie, her taggie blanket). I tell her that we need to work on her grabbing things like laundry and dishes. And then putting them away. How COOL would that be???

- When Alice is talking. We imagine that she's telling us about her drea
ms. The places she sees behind her eyelids must be wonderful because she has a lot to say.

- When I can anticipate Alice's moods. I adore how well I know this little creature, and how she can still surprise me.

- When she is so content to be in Chip's arms. How he carries her around the house like she's a princess. How they are developing their own special bond.

There is magic in every moment with Alice. It has been a wonderful four m


Pickles & Dimes said...

Oh, Whimsy, Alice is SUCH a cutie! I love her!

And is she flipping us OFF in that last picture? Hee!

Whimsy said...

Come now, I'm raising a very polite little girl... there's no way she's making any rude hand gestures in that last picture. She's just... making a point.

Missy said...

Gorgeous pictures! Those moments must be so great.

Ginny said...

What a little doll. Don't you just love when they look up at you with those smiles!