Wednesday, July 16, 2008

hi my name is whimsy and i have a problem with projects

On Sunday Chip and I were talking about how bright it is in Bean's room. The sunshine is lovely, but we realize that we need something to darken the room for the morning. Enter my obsessive need for THE PROJECT. I will be making a wonderful fabric shade! For her room! And while I'm at it, I'm also lining the curtains in our room for the same reason. YES ANOTHER PROJECT.

These two projects are now added to the other projects I currently have in the works. Um, and there's kind-of a lot of them. Like the taggie blankets I've been making. And the baby blankets. And the knitted baby hats. And the pillows for Bean's room. And the dust ruffle for Bean's crib. And the unfinished cabinet in our dining room that still needs to be stained. And the kitchen table that I'd eventually like to strip and stain. And the upstairs walls that need to be painted (continuing the painting that I did all last spring: kitchen, living room, dining room, entryway, stairwell). This is only scratching the surface, like the current projects that are in the front of my brain - not bothering to mention any project that's fallen off the CURRENT shelf in my brain to sit listlessly on the BACKBURNER brain shelf.

And we WONDER why I like lists?

It's pretty amazing, actually, what staying home with Alice has done for me. Really truly I have my hands full with baby and working part-time right now, but I've also never been so inspired to be working on things. I've learned this lesson before, but it's always nice to get a reminder that the best thing for a stopped creative faucet is time and WORK. You have to exercise the muscle, allow the juice to flow, enter whatever analogy you'd like for the concept that you have to DO THINGS to feel the need to DO MORE THINGS.

My studio has never seen me so often and has never been so active as the last couple of months - and I couldn't be more pleased about that. I'm hoping that all this creative work will finally leave me open and ready to start painting again.


wandering nana said...

You make me tired. Glad you're keeping busy lady.

MzEll said...

I have all of these projects too, and all of these lists. Most of the time though, they stay on paper. Thanks for the inspiration...