Monday, July 28, 2008

life lessons

I have faith that some things will eventually sink into my thick skull. Things like how I don't need to keep the monitor receiver thingy on my person AT ALL TIMES when Bean is taking a nap because I'm going to hear her regardless. The cry, the wail, the HELLO COME AND GET ME is really loud enough. And still I carry that thing around, keeping it on my belt, bringing it to the BATHROOM for a quick pee, insisting that Chip keep it turned up to FOUR when he's on Listening Duty because heaven forbid, we might miss it and she'll go back to sleep or something.

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MzEll said...

I did this with my first one, but with the second I never used a monitor! I always just heard him or just knew he was awake. I understand though, especially about the husband being on listening duty!