Thursday, July 24, 2008

learning from your elders

I ran downstairs yesterday to shower. Mom was watching Alice. When I left, they were innocently playing on the floor. But I came back to this:

Grammie strikes again. I was informed that Alice likes to watch TV, and more specifically The Price is Right. I was also informed that she really got upset when the commercials came on.

Notice the pouty lip action.

It was suggested (I'm going to assume this was a HILARIOUS SARCASTIC REMARK) that I consider using the TV to babysit Bean more often. Yes, I'll see what I can do.

I can say all of this, poking fun at my parents, because they read this blog. HELLO MOM AND WINSTON.


Pickles and Dimes said...

Hee - The Price is Right! "I'll bet one dollar, Bob."

My mom says that I used to barrel into the living room just to watch the commercials. Specifically, the Meow Mix commercials. When it was done, I'd leave.

Amy said...

My 4.5 month old Nate watches TPIR with me. I swear he gets fussy if he doesn't...or maybe it's me who gets fussy. :) I know it's not educational, but it's one of my guilty pleasures. Drew's just not the same as Bob though.

Chip said...

We need to get her started on the muppets

The Importance of being Allen said...

HILARIOUS!!!!! First alice shows Mom and Winston her trick of drinking water out of a cup, a trick that her father, no doubt, taught her. Now The Price is Right? What next? Laughing hysterically at M&M's in jar? Oh, she's already shown us that trick to. :) :) We love you Alice and Mom & Winston (cracking me up! where did you get Winston from?)

Eleanor Q. said...

Fussbot will contort his body in the funniest positions so that he can see the TV if its on. He particularly likes Law and Order which I find hilarious.