Thursday, July 31, 2008

plain white box, part 2

About the PIF going on right now:

There have been some fantastic ideas about the plain white box concept - so I'm adding a few more details.

- The winner of the PIF, who will also inherit the plain white box, should try to add some decoration to the the box before sending it on to their winner, etc. I'm hoping this means we'll have a really cool looking box after a few cycles.

- The winner of the PIF should also post a little note or at least their city and state inside the lid of the box. That way it really is like the whole postcard-tied-to-a-balloon thing.

- As the box travels, I'm going to include a link to it's current residence: WHERE IN THE WORLD IS THE PLAIN WHITE BOX?

I really am so excited about this, I can't even tell you. Chip is getting to be a little afraid that I've gone off the end of the PIF. Ha!


stephanie said...

I LOVE THIS IDEA!!! I imagine those old school suitcases with all the stickers from various states and countries all over them. LOVE IT!

Alice said...

totally brilliant. love it :-)

MzEll said...

you are so clever! This will be a serious adventure for all of us!