Friday, July 4, 2008

i have all my best ideas on benedryl at midnight while i'm watching tv on mute and using the breastpump ALSO: CONTEST WINNER

- I think the people typing the captions for David Letterman are lazy. Or just very slow typists. They've typed the same sentence three times. With spelling mistakes.

- The spelling mistakes are sort of making me crazy.

- The bloggers commenting that they eat the Special Dark first... don't live on the same planet as me. I can't stand the Special Dark. Good thing I didn't write that in the blog. I might have offended some Special Dark fans. Good thing I didn't add that I seriously think they need to redesign the entire Mini Bar blend because as far as I'm concerned it's only worth it to eat the Krackle and then the plain Hershey's. Good thing I didn't also say that I think they make those mini mixes because they need to find someone to take the extra Mr. Goodbar and Special Dark off their hands. Yes, good thing I didn't say any of that.

- If my genius neighbors wake Alice up with their louder than dirt fireworks, I'm going to poke out my eye.

- On second thought, maybe it would be better to march over there and poke out their eyes.

- Million dollar idea: a service that will track down the noisy neighborhood teenage hoodlum contingent in about ten years, setting off a large portion of firecrackers and horrid squealy things in front of their 4-month-old daughter's window. At midnight. When she's trying to sleep. And when they (the parent, the former noisy neighborhood teenage hoodlum) are operating on 3 hours of sleep while also nursing a cold that WILL NOT DIE. And then the service would leave a little note on their front doorstep "courtesy of someone you once knew". Yes, total million dollar idea.

- Sometimes, I swear I can hear the TV even though it's on mute. I either have Super Spider Hearing (unlikely) or am just Crazy (much more likely).

- Are the noisy neighborhood teenage hoodlums KIDDING ME? With the M-80's or whatever that racket is????

- Dude. I wonder how many people are going to read through this entire entry to find the contest winner, of if they're going to skip all my brilliant thoughts and just skim to the bottom.

- In addition to my new million dollar idea, I might need to start a brand new trend of DAYTIME FIREWORKS. I'm much more on board with this idea. I wouldn't have to try to insulate the sleeping child from the racket. Come on neighborhood teenage hoodlum contingent! How CRAZY would THAT be? You can still be a hoodlum at 2 in the afternoon! (And then sleep when it gets dark because doing the fireworks during daylight hours is the new black!)

- The benedryl might be taking effect.

And... winner of the contest for either the fantabulous taggie blanket (baby theme package) OR the handmade cards (other theme package - the theme being fantastic but not baby-related) is....


The best part of Fiona being the winner is that she was one of those fine folk who never win anything. And now she DID!!!! Here at The Creamery. That should make her a reader for life, don't you think? Now Fiona will get to pick which package she'd like, and once I get it out to her (in about a week), she'll post a picture of her winnings AND also start her own pay it forward contest. Yay!


Fiona Picklebottom said...

I've got to tell you, I will NEVER again be able to say that I've never won anything before, as I have won multiple contests in this Group Effort Pay it Forward contest. It was SO MUCH FUN! And I think I saw that you won one, too!

I'm starting to feel like a winning PIG, with all my good fortune, but rest assured I will be passing it on with a MEGA-CONTEST sometime in the very near future. So YAY!

And yes, you have a reader for life! :)

wandering nana said...

Okay, can I tell you I can relate to the fireworks issue. I have never in my life (and believe me, that is a lot of years) heard so many fireworks going off in one area (not even the professional fireworks are this bad) and for an entire night!!! People, do you not have anything better to do? Come on, from 6 pm to midnight I can understand but from 7 in the morning until 4 AM! I felt like I was living in a war zone. My poor dog has never reacted in her 6 years until the last 2 nights. Our neighbor's dog barked all night and these paper thin walls don't shut it out. We had to bring her up to our room and let her sleep next to the bed. Anyway, I hope Alice is okay and will sleep tonight.