Thursday, November 5, 2009

a decree from The Supreme and Creamy Whimsy

It has come to my attention that there is currently a Cream Deficiency in the geographical area known as the Southwestern United States (and most specifically, in the neighborhood of Santa Fe, New Mexico). Whereas this might not be considered to be a pressing issue in terms of our current Cream Content and its related deficiencies in existence throughout the country - and even the world)--- I am most distressed about the current Severe Lack of Cream in the Santa Fe, New Mexico area due to it being the current residence of one of the original members of The Triumverate* (the member known hereafter as Samwise).

To aquaint you with our dearest Samwise, it would take many more paragraphs than I could possibly write. But I shall briefly offer this: she is a true friend who rescued me on many occasions, in more than one way. Once upon a time she showed up on my doorstep with a lifesize cutout of one Viggo Mortenson as Aragorn. She also dragged me through the hospital emergency room when my back went out after M, Samwise, and I had spent an unbelieveable night laughing at Target and seeing a midnight showing of Lord of the Rings. (Seriously - I literally laughed my back into a writhing mass of trouble. And it was SO worth it.)

Samwise has had quite a series of mishaps in these past few months and is also in her last few weeks of her first pregnancy (a most delicious and creamy baby girl is soon to be joining the fold of Cream, The Next Generation). It is quite simply more than one Creamy Girl can stand.

I have officially decreed an END to the Cream Deficiency and am personally overseeing a CREAM INTERVENTION, nay--- A DELUGE OF CREAM, nay------ A VERITABLE FLOOD OF CREAM to these Southwestern United States. The Supreme and Creamy Whimsy, The Most Delectable Creamy Bean, The Marvelous Creamy Madame M, and The Curiously Cutely Creamy C-Boy (M's little one, in the shorthand) will be flying 'cross these friendly skies in January to descend upon the land of Santa Fe, New Mexico for a TRIUMPHANT TRIUMVERATE REUNION (with kids).

There have been some concerns expressed that such a FLOOD OF CREAM might cause the very land to buckle and the cactus to fall and the sands to be swept into the sea. To such I say, it has long been shown that in the wake of destruction we find rebirth. In the desert of Cream we will see GARDENS.

Long live CREAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Samwise, prepare yourself.

We are coming.

Heaven help us all.

Now tell me, please, about your faraway friends and what you'd do for them. Also, what are you going to be doing in January? Please ignore any minor weather disturbances on or around January 19. There are sure to be some complications and fallout from the gravitational pull of the three of us in one place. Seriously, you have been warned.

* The Triumverate is comprised of myself (being The Supreme and Creamy Whimsy), the Incomparable M, and the aforementioned Samwise. These, the most key Minions of Miniondom.


M said...

Heaven help us all.

And all Hail the Supreme and Creamy Whimsy!

Am still a little worried for how this might affect the ecosystem of NM...

Eleanor Q. said...

Ooooh! Santa Fe is so fun! DMS and I were there visiting friends last year and though the city was paralyzed because they had never recieved so much snow (ever) we still had the best time. You guys are going to love it!

Samwise is so lucky!

Sibley Saga .... said...

I agree with Eleanor. I really AM a lucky girl! I will have to translate for some people and tell them about the "Leyes de Crema".

And, Whimsy, I'd take on the staff of the ER for you ANY day.