Friday, November 13, 2009

i want to be

I'm dipping into your fantastic questions for today's post. Shelly Overlook wanted to know about early dreams of what I wanted to be when I grew up.

In honor of one of my oldest friends Stacie who is going to be in town this weekend, I will tell you a few of weird things that we used to do.

First, Stacie and I would design houses. (I wanted to be an architect or interior designer.) We had our own pads of graph paper, and would take turns sketching a geometric shape (house outline) for the other one. The stranger the shape, the better. Then, we'd draw the rooms inside the shape, thus designing a house. We would do this for HOURS, with all the details of furniture and appliances and everything. It was awesome.

Second, Stacie and I would play school. (I wanted to be a teacher.) We'd set up chairs in the dining room and then force The Little Brother to be our student. My favorite parts were telling him to do homework and then writing notes at the tops of his pages and having snack time.

Third, Stacie and I wrote stories. (I wanted to write.) We did MAGAZINE STORIES, which we would do by cutting pictures out of magazines and trying to tell a story using the pictures. We also worked on continuing stories about (shocker) a couple of middle school girls who lived a fantastic life of huge houses (with FLOOR PLANS, naturally) and lots of friends. They went to a lot of dances and had names with VERY elaborate spellings.

What did you want to be when you grew up? Do you do anything now that is even remotely close?


Shelly Overlook said...

I wanted to be a teacher (I loved making stars at the top of completed "homework"), clothing designer (except I can't sew, so now I just like Project Runway) or a marine biologist (that was from a love of dolphins, once I found out I sucked at science, this was sort of out).

Swistle said...

I wanted to be a zookeeper or a farmer's wife. (Yes, farmer's WIFE. I wanted to wear the apron and collect the eggs and manage the animals, not hoe the fields.)

And yes, pretty much handling animals is what I do.

Heidi said...

I wanted to manage a zoo. I do manage a zoo but not the kind I had anticipated!!!!

wandering nana said...

I wanted to be an Oceanographer. (I lived in a desert). I was going to buy a house on the beach and have a horse and a dog and a cat.

NOW: I live 15 minutes from the Ocean (Puget Sound, which BTW, I still question if it is ocean, but I can collect shells... so it must be an ocean). I have a cat, I have a dog, I do not have a horse.

stacie d said...

I wanted to be the owner of A&S Computers. HAHA!!

For reals, I wanted to work at a Zoo too! But somehow I ended up in radio...