Thursday, November 26, 2009

in no particular order

I am thankful for:

Raindrops and messy kisses and soft bedsheets and a warm house and turkey and mom and dad and Chip and Alice and God and good friends that offer forgiveness before I even ask and technology and my crackberry and a healthy body and eyes that can see and Buddy and Matt and Ana and Emilie and church and Chip's family and people I love and our country and our constitution and people who have come before me and jokes and color and paint and beautiful Seattle and amazing grandparents and furry cat paws under the bathroom door and fuzzy blankets and presents and surprises in the mail and books and Kate and Amanda just down the street and the fact that Alice calls out to me MAMA! and holding a sleeping child and these fingers to type and M! and Eleanor Q and dearest Samwise and her new baby girl (newest of CREAM: THE NEXT GENERATION) and speaking of that: CREAM!, and the incomparable Wandering Nana and my fiery sister Kimmie and the lovable Little Brother Steve and Winston and KAY who has known me since high school and still wants to be my friend and Swistle and funny blogs and my extended birth family and Chelle and big brother Curtis and turkey stuffing and apple pie and food glorious food and art and music and beauty and my funny fantastic laptop and Shelly Huh and swing sets and Sesame Street and my ipod and The Last Homely House and skin and clean drinking water and working with the children at church and Spadoman who calls me his whimsical friend and Spadoman's True Italian Gravy recipe (will be posted here soon) and writing and words and poetry and Stephen Dunn and so very many good books and so very many good writers and school and learning and dedicated teachers and Clueless But Hopeful Mama who still comments at The Creamery even though I STILL haven't sent her package and Angela who teaches me so much and Alicia who writes me emails about stuff and my first Jenny and Nutmeg who hasn't written anything since August (miss her) and feet that work and a garden in the spring and planting tulip bulbs and memory and photos and documentaries and glasses so that I can see and thinking and prayer and and lovely brothers- and sisters-in-law and nieces and nephews and apple pie and CJane and the internet and so many talented bloggers and Stacie and Chip playing his guitar and songs he's written just for me and fabric and sewing and buttons and clean clothes and design and yarn and knitting and doing doing doing STUFF and communicating with my child and have I mentioned Chip and Chip's arm rubs and love from Bean and bathtime and evening prayers and Parking at Home and lotion and trees and wind and dirt and purrrrdles and taking chances and The Rainbow Connection and time alone and running and WORDS and time and work and Jefe and Serenity Now (also her lovely emails) and The Laws of Cream and vaccines and sleep and mobile phones and shoes I like and Heidi W and so many people who are nice to me and Halloween and Christmas and Easter and any other holiday except Valentine's Day because that one bugs me and barbequed blue cheese bacon burgers and funny people and feeling inspired and play and The Triumverate and challenges and airplanes and cookies and weird commercials and Mayfly blog because it is so beautiful and walking and not bothering to link to anything and Amy Nate's mom and Amanda M and Pickles & Dimes and you and you and you and you and YOU, most especially YOU.

What's on your thankful list?


serenity now said...

I'm thankful we're on our way out of The Land of the Flu. Happy Thanksgiving, Whimsy!

Anonymous said...

I'm thankful for many things, but today I'm thankful that your "Valentine's Day bugs me" comment made me SMILE after a fustrating time on the Internet trying to Skype with my mom and her webcam not working and me being annoyed on Thanksgiving, which I don't want to be .... except you made me smile! So THANK YOU! I'm thankful for YOU :-) love, Kate

Amy said...

I'm honored! I'm thankful for you and your cute bean and hilarious husband. I'm thankful for your blog - it brings me much happiness.

Shelly Overlook said...

Right back at'cha, babe!

I'd also like to join in on the Rainbow Connection and the blue cheese bacon burgers (even though I just ate Thanksgiving dinner not that long ago, but the mere thought of this burger has made my mouth water).

Hugs and kisses!

KAY said...

The Rainbow Connection -- an awesome song. But I only like the Kermit version.
Gravy recipe? Sounds yummy. Weren't you supposed to post the never-like-mom's chocolate cake recipe? Can we have a "Whimsy's Week of meals" blog post?
Happy Thanksgiving!

clueless but hopeful mama said...


I'm thankful to be included! (and thankful the package didn't get lost in the mail! I thought about it last week and wondered if I should ask about it or not....!) hahahaha!

Happy Thanksgiving, Whimsy! I'm thankful for you and your thoughtful insights and your smart, smart words.

Heidi said...

Thank you. I am glad we are friends. And Valentines Day has always bugged me too!

Eleanor Q. said...

Awww. I never thought that I'd make a cool internet friend when I started this whole "blogging" thing. But lo, you came along and provide sunshine and a lot of encouragement and it makes me smile. Thanks for being you, and being here.

angelalois said...

MY. FAVORITEST. POST. EVER. (valentine's day was my favorite part too)