Friday, November 20, 2009

several true stories

It turns out I'm a decent liar.

Number 1.
Other things I've found in Bean's crib: socks, books, sippy cups, Chip's business card case,
and her stuffed friend Hurp (met with LOUD DISPROVAL when she discovered she can put him in the crib, but can't get him out). True story.

Number 2.
My husband will argue with anyone who would like to take him to task that a full, complete, well-balanced meal is contained in a large plate of nachos. For dairy, you've got the cheese and the sour cream. For fruits and vegetables, you've got the salsa. For protein you've got whatever beans or chicken you put into the nachos. And for whole grains, you've got Mission tortilla chips (they also make the tortilla chips for Costco - which are the ones we buy). These tortilla chips are made with four simple ingredients that are easily pronounceable in a factory that doesn't use soy or peanuts. These tortilla chips are staples in our house. And yes, Bean eats them from time t
o time. And yes, she recently used them to demonstrate to me that she knows Chip's name. Hee!

Number 3.
I don't know if I even want to talk about this one, because it's true: Bean bit me. It happened so fast that I barely registered it except for the shrieking pain in my LEG where she bit me. THROUGH MY JEANS. Blah blah blah, immediate time out and lots of tears (me and her). Hasn't happened since. Ugh.

Number 4.
Let me just answer this one by telling you this charming story. Coming back from San Francisco in August, we stopped in a very small California town to take bathroom breaks and get so
mething to eat (only available eatery, the ever popular McDonald's). Before we went in, we figured we'd give Bean some time for leg stretching. The only available space for the leg stretching activity? The 3 foot by 6 foot rectangle of sidewalk leading up and into the McD's. She toddled around the rectangle for a couple of minutes but then realized that the large and spacious PARKING LOT was beckoning her. So, as she's standing at the door of the McDonald's, our dear Bean gets down on her hands and knees and then does this whole bum-first hopeful back up ON HER BELLY on the sidewalk, wistfully aiming for the curb and generally horrifying the parents because remember, WE ARE NOT A FAN OF THE GERMS. So, um? Even though that was three months ago? She's still going down the stairs, ANY stairs, on her belly, bum first. Though I do have to say, as long as I'm around she'll walk down stairs holding my hand. And I'm perfectly okay with that.

Number 5.
Now that you know this is a true story (as is Number 6), I'll just show you this picture from yesterday as evidence. Behold my boot:

And my boot's contents:

(For the short sighted, that would be a paci and several pretzel sticks with bits missing and some raisins and a few cheerios)

Number 6.
You guys, I'm not kidding about this, and honestly it scares me, in a who-is-this-child-and-what-else-is-she-storing-in-her-freakishly-gigantic-brain kind of way. I got a weird scared and excited CHILL when we first noticed what she was doing. I mean, what 20-month-old kid can identify numbers on sight? Is this normal? Please tell me that it's normal and I'll stop feeling like she's going to grow a second head or start playing piano concertos on her Playskool 4-note keyboard. So yes, if we line up a whole bunch of her alphabet blocks, some with numbers showing on the sides, she'll correctly identify the numbers and what they're called. We haven't taught her any of this, we don't even know where she got it from. I mean, she can count to ten, but it's not like I'm using flashcards or anything. She does have some counting books, and maybe she's just noticed the numbers on the pages? But again, it's not like I pointed them out or anything. I will now be posting the following on my bathroom mirror so I will NEVER FORGET: The Bean sees and hears EVERYTHING. You have been warned.


Amy said...

I think #6 is awesome! The kids pick up EVERYTHING and lucky for you it's counting and the alphabet. Make sure you have the video camera ready at all times because Dude. I want to see the concerto on the 4 key piano! :)

Amanda said...

YAY! I think I guessed it. I'll have to go back and check.

#6 is awesome and I have to tell you that my oldest was like this. Freakish. He's a smarty pants now (age 8). We loved those mini board books that had like the number 9 and then four mini pages inside that had 9 things on them. There was also a color set. He learned SO much from those. They come in a box. GO for it - she's a sponge right now. Get in there before Disney princesses or power rangers take over.

Alicia @ bethsix said...

Oh good. I knew there was a reason I don't keep up with Google Reader. Instant gratification! I just speculated a few minutes ago, and now, ouila!, I see the answer.

So happy 2 is true. Favorite story ever.

Sorry 3 is true. Meanie Beanie.

4 is adorable.

5 - I think I have those same boots.

6 is awesome. It's pretty creepy what they start to pick up that you have ABSOLUTELY NO RESPONSIBILITY FOR. Both good and bad.

Agree with Amanda - GET IN THERE BEFORE DISNEY PRINCESSES!! *THAT* is the kind of thing they start to pick up that you're like, "Wha? How do you even know about this?"

wandering nana said...

Love this post.

Kati said...

So do Amanda and I win something?! I totally said 4 in my final answer :). And no, the number thing isn't normal - that's totally amazing! It makes me embarrassed to admit that I'm not sure Alyssa always gets them all right. . . You better get those concertos ready :)

statia said...

I think normal kids start to recognize numbers and letters at that age, but still tend to mix them up a lot. Mine was insane with stuff like that too. He has language processing issues, but LISTENS TO EVERYTHING WE SAY and then retains it for later use. He taught himself colors, numbers, letters, etc. This afternoon, he started counting to ten in FRENCH. We both looked at each other like, wth did he learn FRENCH? Neither of us speaks French, so we certainly haven't taught him, and he doesn't watch enough TV to pick it up.

Kids are weird, man. Weird little sponges.