Monday, December 22, 2008

the laws of cream: #3A The Orange Julius Clause

Are you really tuning in NOW, after missing the introduction, the first law, the second law, AND the third law? I'm not sure there is any hope for you. If, however, you're all up to speed on The Laws of Cream, read on...

3A. The Orange Julius Clause

The Supreme and Creamy Whimsy has been made aware that there is a very rare, very strange, very inexplicable and (let's put even more emphasis on this:) RARE occurrence when cream and orange juice somehow meld to create something interesting-- let's call it the Orange Julius Effect and know that it's out there. But it's so freakishly rare (there's that word again) that we can't be sure it has ever even happened. Just know that we are ever so slightly open to the fact that yes, on some very spare occasions, cream and OJ can be friends. It's just really weird. Remember: creamsicles aren't for everyone.

Tune in tomorrow for the final law (at this point, at least): Law #4: The Cottage Cheese Principle

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wandering nana said...

Since you are in Utah (which is where I first had the elusive Orange Julius) I would tell you to go to Cottonwood Mall who actually had a booth that sold this wonderful mixture..... But maybe somebody felt as you do that the 2 don't mix and TORE DOWN the Mall, leveled, flattened, non-existence. There once was one in Fashion Place Mall too, not sure it is there or not as I haven't been there in 2 years. I forgot the Creamsicles.... one of my favorite things.