Thursday, January 29, 2009

hot lava

Well. While our car wasn't overcome by a fiery blob of hot molten lava, we DID come home with a raging case of Teething. Which at times, I have to say, has felt like being overcome by a fiery blob of hot molten lava. Both for Alice AND myself. Poor sweetie is drooly and covered in a terrible stream of snotty goo. And last night? Oh dear sweet jelly bean the child WOULD NOT SLEEP. She woke up at 11:30 and just wouldn't go back to sleep. Until nearly 3:30. AM. Ask me what time she woke up - just ask me! 6:50.

This is the excuse I'm offering to you for this sadly lacking blog post. Whimsy: functioning on three hours of sleep AND LOVING IT.

Remind me to tell you why I think parenting is like the movie Jurassic Park, and not in a "and then they were free to roam about the park and they ate almost everyone" way.


Cherish said...

aaaahhhhh! Im almost too excited to type! The box has arrived and Dr Maureen is holding her new contest!!!

The Wife said...


I am right there in the Teething Trenches with you, and lo, it sucketh.

The Boy was up twice after midnight. He would go back to sleep long enough just to taunt me. I do not go back to sleep quickly or easily so I have effectively been awake since 5am. Himself is playing happily on the futon while I am drinking liquid energy in the form of diet coke.

The really irritating thing is that I can SEE the teeth all swollen and red and just under his gums but I can't DO anything to help him through it. They'll get here when they get here and in the mean time, the Boy is making us all miserable.

artemisia said...

I am SO SORRY. This too, will pass! Until then, courage my dear!