Tuesday, January 27, 2009

is that how you spell "vesuvius"?

We may NEVER TRAVEL AGAIN. We had the ARCTIC BLAST (TM the local news channels - they just KILL ME with their naming-all-the-weather-systems) that made Chip's trek to Utah more than a little bit S-C-A-R-Y in December. We had our recent FLOODING INCIDENT in Portland that CLOSED THE FREEWAY and had me doing laundry in the teeny-tiny two-machine hotel laundry room (VERY EXCITING). And now? We're in Portland again. Guess what greeted us this morning:

Niiiiiice. Check out this dude:

Need a bigger image? Here he is again:

Not that he has anything to do with the weather, but he was standing just there, like that, for A REALLY LONG TIME. Time enough for me to take the first snowy pictures, then notice him there. Then take a picture of him.

Then take some more snowy pictures.

Then take ANOTHER picture of him.

ANYWAY. Not that we're trying to stalk some poor Portland-er dude on my blog. We're talking about the very exciting WEATHER. And how it has made travel 'round these parts NICE AND EXCITING. Luckily, by the end of the morning, the snow melted off. It's still C-O-L-D. Not Minnesota-cold, but Portland-cold. I took Alice to the very friendly Target across the street and scored three pairs of jeans for (seriously) $1.75 a pair. A BUCK SEVENTY-FIVE.

As for Blog Content? Don't have much, duders. I have teeny-tiny jeans to celebrate! And melty snow! And a ride back up to Seattle tomorrow... wish us luck. And since we have now faced snowstorms! torrential rain! flooding! Please think No Rain of Toads and Safe Passage Past Both Volcanoes (Mount St. Helens, Mount Rainier). HA! Now that I've said it, we're doomed. Please watch for us tomorrow night on the evening news: small family is horribly charred from freak volcano blast.


artemisia said...

Winter travel is just THE WORST. We are currently trapped in our own town. All roads and highways are closed due to our absurd wind and snow creating a GROUND BLIZZARD. Good times!

Safe travels, you guys!

stacie d said...

WOW. I know I'm spoiled living in LA, but sometimes it's good to see what else is out there to really appreciate it here! You are a brave family of warriors!! Battle that weather! Good luck & be careful!!!!

Eleanor Q. said...

Maybe skip the next trip?

Good luck getting home!

Alice said...

good luck with the volcano and toad-rains ;-)

we just had our first Winter! Weather! around here, and OMG FREAK OUT!! ICE! SNOW! WE'RE ALL DYING! CANCEL SCHOOL!!

Missy said...

We're currently having a heat wave, blah blah hottest day on record. Your photos are making me one bajillionth of a degree cooler, so I thank you.