Friday, January 30, 2009

something new

Annnnnnd it would seem that while we avoided a volcano blast, and we side stepped a rain of toads-- we DID get a nice new disastery item: an earthquake. Not big, so there is no worry. Just a 4.5 - which, I grew up in Southern California so I know me some earthquakes and this wasn't anything to stress about. In fact, the entire family (husband, wife, child, cats) slept through the whole thing. Even more interesting is this: THE PLAIN WHITE BOX IS IN DR. MAUREEN'S POSSESSION AND SHE IS HOLDING A NEW PAY IT FORWARD CONTEST. Here's your chance, my friends, to get the plain white box for your very own! I'm not sure if Dr. Maureen is going to post a picture of the box itself - it was only peeking through in the pictures she posted - maybe if we ask sweetly she will???

Anyhoo - to be really honest, I'm a little sad that my LIFELONG DREAM OF BALLOON LAUNCHING AND/OR PLAIN WHITE BOX WATCHING might be lost if the next winner doesn't carry on my very logical requests (read: CRAZY) to decorate the box, and track the box, and blah blah blah I AM NUTS BUT I'M NOT GIVING UP.

So. Dear readers, go here and try to win the PIF and then fulfill my lifelong dream. Or, you know, just win it and hold your own pif. Whatever.

The not-so-plain Plain White Box says, DON'T YOU WANT TO WIN ME?

* For those who might not know the whole story about the Plain White Box, and you've been looking at that picture there on the sidebar going ????. The long version is here. The short version goes like this: I won a contest and needed to host my own. I decided to get creative and add some rules to whomever won my contest - including decorating the same box for the contest and forwarding IT (the box) along with the prize (whatever could fit into the box), to the next winner. Cherish was the first winner. She passed it on to Dr. Maureen after some seriously crazy mail hang-ups. Now Dr. Maureen is hosting a contest. The end. Help fulfill my dream. No pressure.


Cherish said...

I seriously felt the pressure but Im glad its on to the next person now. I didnt decorate it very much, just colored in some of the circles really. I know, Im boring. I included the rules in the box so Im hoping everything goes according to your plan and the box moves along properly.

Shelly Overlook said...

Oooh, the box is so pretty now.