Wednesday, January 7, 2009

super stars of stupid

I can't believe I'm writing this. I shouldn't be telling ANYONE, let alone you guys, but here it is:

Monday night, Chip and I watched Super Stars of Dance. I KNOW. I have some excuses, even though none of them is good enough to cover the fact that we wasted a good forty minutes of our lives watching a show that was put together on a dare (how else to explain it?).

First, the excuses:
- We were really tired and wanted to just veg.
- Our satellite company has taken ABC from us. They are in some kind of contract stalemate with ABC and so they decided to just not broadcast it. Instead, they're attempting to shame ABC into renegotiation by placing a 24/7 "informational talk show" in its place. The "talk show"? Is a couple of dudes in Direct TV polos and khaki pants sitting behind a very official looking desk talking about how hard they tried to get ABC to give them a reasonable deal. I've been missing my nightly Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy for THIS? We are not amused.
- Have I mentioned that we were really tired?

Now, let's discuss Super Stars of Dance, shall we? Like the fact that I have to imagine that it was dreamed up by some monkeys who were bored during lunch. A dance show without any real stars! And it would be with people from all over the world! Including judges from all over the world!

Somehow, in their infinite wisdom, NBC put the show on. I wish I could tell you that it's so awful that it's good. But it's not. It's just awful. (It's also possible that the original idea that the monkeys floated to NBC included sword-juggling clowns, but NBC thought that was a little too much and went with the basic bare-bones dance show instead. A bare-bones dance show FROM AROUND THE WORLD.)

I feel especially sorry for the Russian judge, because I'm not sure the dude even knows WHY they have him wearing a multi-colored dental smock as he watches dancers FROM AROUND THE WORLD. I also don't understand how they expect poor dental-smock-wearing-Russian-guy to properly compare a ceremonial Indian Goddess Dance with the dirty dancing South African couple who are both inexplicably wearing hot pants. (Russian judge: I thought I was going to be juggling swords! And I was supposed to be wearing the hot pants!)

The highlight of the evening? Oh who am I kidding? It had nothing to do with SUPER STARS OF DANCE. The highlight was when we turned the TV off and I got to spend some quality time playing with my new Blackberry Storm. The Disco Phone has danced its last dance, my friends! Viva la Crackberry!

(Now that I've let you in on my latest confession, give me one of yours... doesn't have to be TV related. Tell me your dumbest, kids!)


Kristi said...

The ABC problem sucks! I couldn't live. Especially because my confession is TV related. It's a new show on ABC called True Beauty. They took 10 super hot and super egotistical people, and give them hidden camera challenges to judge them on INNER BEAUTY. Each week someone is sent home. My soul died just typing that description, and, yet, I've been watching.

wandering nana said...

Okay, first, the no channel 4 is killing me. How am I going to watch Pushing Daisy's (I know they cancelled it!) Second.... I was so excited to watch the Super Stars Dance that I even DVR'ed it. How could it not be great, dancers from all different countries doing their native dance (right!). Can I tell you, there were a few that were good and they are the "stars of dancing in their countries... hence the STAR but you know I just sat there and thought what am I doing? I love the judges, they actually were more entertaining than the dancers. The one from Argentina reminds me of the old 20's actress (don't know her name-yes it was before my time!) where she tells the director to move the camera in closer (I think it is Norma Desmen). And then the judges giving 8's when they didn't like the dances... and how about the Buddist monk-how does he know how to score a dance? Needless to say, it has been deleted from my DVR and it just reminds me why I have never gotten into any of the other reality shows. (sorry about the long comment).

Sibley Saga .... said...

I so get what you mean. I turned away after that guy did his 'Poppin' routine. That was NOT dance. That was just double jointed contorting. Ew.

As for confession, Joe and I once sat through a whole soul sucking session of a sales person attempting to sell us a timeshare...just so we could get a good deal on tours in Mexico for our honeymoon. Ugh. Never. Again.

tearese said...

That show sounds horrible....that would suck having ABC off the air...Heroes comes back on soon. Thats the same channel, right?
Sorry, can't think of any good confessions right now.

Kristen said...

ARE YOU KIDDING? We are having the exact same problem with CBS and I think we may be watching same infomercial...

Chip said...

In my defense: I sold/vowed my pride away 5 years ago. I dance when something good happens and no one is watching. I hardly watch TV,... when I do, its usually scheduled in my planner. And Jason Mesnick, the Bachelor, is a long time buddy since the 4th grade... What is he doing on TV?! and he hasn't changed a bit. He is a manly man, and I hate that I had to watch the dumbest dance show in place of the Bachelor because ABC and Dish Network and disputing price.

I love my wife!