Tuesday, January 6, 2009


Love comes in many shapes and sizes. In the case of our recent trip to see my family, love is WEIRDNESS. And it's found in these pictures of my so-weird family.

Winston is all about the stiff-upper-lip, don't complain, be brave, be strong, pull yourself up by your bootstraps (or pants) kind of love. In other words:

This is Grampy Winston's version of helping Alice to grab something inside her car seat. I love this man. (Pardon the crappy picture quality - the Disco Phone has seen it's last days...)


He really adores his niece. I don't think he'd let her SUCK ON HIS NOSE if he felt otherwise. I'm keeping this picture to blackmail him and Alice later.

Pictures of THE TEETH coming soon. Alice is very shy about showing the glaciers to the camera. Perhaps she suspects her mother is going to do something very, um, UNBECOMING with the picture.


The Wife said...


Your men folk are AWESOME.

And I'm pretty sure that Little Brother's love knows no bounds given what you've previously reported about the Teeth. I'm not sure I'd let my nose get anywhere near her MOUTH.

Pickles and Dimes said...

I love watching guys interact with babies. I think it says a lot about who they are.

Alice said...

HA. i have a lot of menfolk of the winston variety in my family. the kind who are very "helpful" :-)

and yeah, i'm with the wife - that's some big love little brother's got, given what we know of The Teeth!