Monday, January 19, 2009

weekend rewards

We know who the fifth cylon is (not like I'm going to tell you or anything - you'll just have to find out yourself).

Chip came down with a nasty cold.

I ate an obscene amount of birthday cake.

Chip cleaned out the garage.

I swept up bread crumbs and wiped some very scrumptious cheeks more times than I can count.

We bought a brand new grown-up carseat (well, "grown-up" is a matter of comparison, I guess, but still).

Chip ninja'd his way into Costco after they were closed to buy us another set of colorful floor tile-thingies (we've gone the way of a real Kid House, with colored tiles on the living room floor).

It was a great weekend. I'd like another, please (minus the bad cold thing).

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