Tuesday, June 9, 2009

choose your own creamery adventure

If you were given the choice
(and let's just say, you ARE being given the choice) between the following, which would you choose:

- No updates unless Whimsy has something Interesting to say, which means that it might be a good long while before she updates.

- No updates unless Whimsy has a cute photo of Alice to post, perhaps without any commentary at all, because dude, we could snack on those cheeks for a week.

- An update about nothing, but at least some words in there. Which could categorize at least three-quarters of The Creamery's content anyway.

- An update about nothing, with perhaps at least a little bit of effort on Whimsy's part, say, to include a picture or two and some blurb about how she's still hanging out with her parents and maybe she took some pictures of the Neighborhood Chickens so hey, let's look at chickens.

- An update about nothing, with the added benefit of pictures of chickens AND a photo of the Little Brother and Chip standing in LB's backyard (they are both holding shovels). Maybe also a picture of the cat that bit Whimsy and tried to use her leg for a scratching post.

- An update about nothing. Except something about how Alice is STILL EATING BARK. (Which, this might not be a true option because really, all it would say is this: ALICE IS STILL EATING BARK.

- Pictures of cows.

- An in-depth and hilarious post about the hundreds of seagulls that tried to fly off with Alice two weeks ago in Spokane. Until Chip threw his shoe at them. And they took
us a lot more seriously after that. (Never mind, I'm scratching this option off the list too because I just told you the whole story. Am stupid.)

- Pictures of woodchucks. Because River Park in Spokane, Washington? Has lots of woodchucks. Now you know.

Woodchuck! For your trouble.


wandering nana said...

I love your posts about "nothing".... they always turn into something and they are far more entertaining than many of the blogs I read, including mine, which I've decided that even my children don't read, and I so need the smiles from the cute little Miss Alice.

Chelle said...

Whatever you give us - I vote for "the more, the better" category! It would be a sad day, indeed, if there was no update from Creamery Land.

Alice said...

even Nothing Updates = Something Updates if there are pictures and/or stories about alice. or seagulls.

Amy said...

Yes. All of the above. Pictures, words, whatever!

Megan said...

I agree with all of the above too! Although I think I have a picture of some cows along with Chip...I will have to see if it still is around! If I remember right it's a nice big close up of his face with a cow behind him! :) Oh he will love it!

M said...

I want the chickens.

My life needs a little more chicken in it. Of the live variety, because, you know, I'm a vegetarian.

Heidi W. said...

All of the above. Man am I behind on my reading or what!