Monday, June 15, 2009

miss list

Sleeping in your own bed is a highly under-rated experience. After last night, luxuriating in the comfort of our own very familiar sheets next to my own very familiar husband, I would rate the own-bed experience just under winning the million-dollar lottery. Bliss.

There are things that I'm going to miss about being at my parents' house. Not the least of which is these people:

Mom and


There are other things I'm going to miss - things like...

Great photo ops like Men With Shovels, menning it up in the Little Brother's backyard.

Freshly baked homemade bread

Easy access to

A gorgeous backyard

Easy access to a freshly baked baby (HA!)

But most of all, the look of pure contentment on Alice's face. She was surrounded by LOVE. And she knew it.

I won't be missing that bark, though. Not one single bit.


stacie d said...

Backyard or park!??! That's amazing!! I know you guys are being missed just as much as you are missing!

Alice said...

hee, i love freshly baked babies!

omg, that backyard is INSANE. i want it.

M said...

Ok...I have many points, all of them unrelated so I shall make a list...

1) Winston and Alice? AWESOME.
2) Farmer Chip in the wellies and the shovel? AWESOME.
3) Homemade bread made by Mama? AWESOME.
4) Own-bed? AWESOME.
5) (I couldn't really think of a fifth point but I couldn't stop on an even number so I'll just say...) YOU? AWESOME.

Anonymous said...

That yard is gorgeous.

Please tell me you ate an entire loaf of that bread all by yourself.

Eleanor Q. said...

The bread! The backyard! The baby! Happy Alice! Looks like a wonderful trip. I agree though, as soon as you crawl into your own bed, there's nothing like being home.

Heidi W. said...

I want that backyard!!! It is gorgeous. I can't wait for my mom to meet Alice! I keep asking her if she has seen her yet! I know she will love her like everyone else does! What a cutie!

wandering nana said...

It is fun to go visit family but like you I missed my bed and my dog and how nice and cool it is where I live. But.. I guess being with family is what makes it easier to endure. I really miss being around my kids.