Tuesday, June 30, 2009

descent indeed

Whatever works. It's a motto I've adopted as a parent, and it comes especially handy on days when nothing seems to work. Alice is currently wandering around the family room holding a clear plastic tupperware bowl that contains (today) about one-third of a deck of ca
rds. Once upon a time (about 15 minutes ago) it contained the entire deck - but the frequent spills and subsequent tearful games of 52-card pick up were giving Alice a case of the Big Weepies. So I crept in and spirited two-thirds of the deck away under my shirt (this is what I've been reduced to: stealing precious "toys" from a toddler - a toddler who is sure to have a future dealing cards in Las Vegas).

Alice is, again (again again again again) facing a very tough bout of teething,
this from the child who can have teeth coming in for weeks on end. For months on end. Today (and last week, and the week before) it's her four bicuspids. Gums swollen and purple. A child that can't find anything that will engage her without tears and lots of help from the mama.

So far we have watched the same 8-minute snippet of a DVR'ed episode of Se
same Street no less than TWELVE times, we have played with plastic spoons, Chip's car, blocks, Phoebe the cat, plastic bowls, sample size shampoo bottles, and the aforementioned deck of cards. Later, I'm hoping that we can play with TRAFFIC, which should be lots of fun.

See you on the other side of THE TEETH. Or barring that, the other side of a nap, which would also be helpful.


Amanda said...

Aww poor Alice. Poor Whimsy. Teething sucks.

KAY said...

Is that cute baby using a CAR as a teething toy (2nd pic from the end)?!?

Anonymous said...

I fear we will never again own a complete deck of cards. Perhaps if we merge our stashes, we can come up with one? It'll be like Go Fish - "Do you have an ace of spades?"

Alice said...

i am going to be one sad (other) alice when (your) alice develops actual joints, and not rolls and dimples where her elbows should be.

Rose said...

Aw, I always love Alice photos! Sorry to hear that she's having a rough time teething!

M said...

Well, I know it's no comfort to you, but the teething? At least you're with friends. The Boy and Alice should maybe be put into a sound proof room together...they can gnaw their way out and the rest of us can have peace. Maybe after all the gnawing those blasted teeth will be through.