Thursday, June 4, 2009

a whimsy vignette

This is Whimsy. Say hello, Whimsy.

This is Whimsy last night, putting baby girl to bed at Grammy and Grampy's house. The baby girl's room is across the hall from Whimsy's. Baby girl stays in the red, white, and blue room. Grammy is a patriotic sort and has dedicated a room to her favorite color trio. There are flags and books and lots of patriotic knick-knacks.

Whimsy is staying in the purple room, though there is nary a purple tidbit to be found. The room used to have bright purple carpet. It doesnt' any longer, but the name has stuck. This story is not about the purple room or the purple carpet.

This story is about Whimsy putting the baby girl to bed. As we have already established.

On their first night at Grammy and Grampy's the baby girl didn't sleep very well or very long. She was up quite early. Whimsy would like to amend that statement to HEINOUSLY EARLY. Now now, don't be dramatic, Whimsy. When trying to figure out why the baby girl woke so early, Whimsy decided that it was the morning light streaming into the bedroom. So last night, as she is putting baby girl to bed, she asks Grampy if there is anything to be done to darken the room.

Here is Whimsy, standing on the red, white, and blue bedspread, reaching up to the top of the first window (there are two). She is holding a comically! entertaining! bright! beach towel. The frogs are laughing at her as she stretches to get the towel over the window. The frogs say, Nice try.

Here is Grampy, suggesting thumb tacks? And Grammy, getting into the spirit as she brings back something known in the household as a QUILLO. It is a quilt AND a pillow because the quilt can fold up into this pocket here, at the bottom. Clever! The quillo is fairly small and has cats on it. The cats look unimpressed as Whimsy stretches as far as her short arms will take her, hoping that she won't pull the curtain rod down. Here is Grampy, holding one end of the quillo and pausing to shout directions to Whimsy. Pull up here! Pull it over! Push it down behind the rod! That's it! Grampy is very encouraging. Whimsy is sweating.

Let's watch as Whimsy steps back to observe if the quillo has made one bit of difference in the room. It has--- there is improvement--- Whimsy is impressed just as the quillo falls off the window and lands back on the red, white, and blue bedspread. Whimsy sighs.

Grampy is now holding the quillo as Whimsy (again) stands on the bed and stretches beyond measure. She notices a cramp forming in the base of her neck. She soldiers on. Whimsy seems happy with her work, but what is that? A whole open quarter of the window, uncovered? Whimsy asks for another light blanket. No, not the frog towel. The frogs laugh. Watch as Whimsy fastens another red, white, and blue blanket up over the curtain rod. She sees the silhouettes of flags. Grammy is pleased that the new window coverings are keeping so nicely with the theme of the room.

Grammy and Grampy ask about the other window, but Whimsy is tired. As is the baby girl, who is currently gathering bark from the indoor planter and bringing it in grimy fistfuls to the room. Whimsy says no, let's not worry about it. Grammy and Grampy say goodnight to Alice and leave to watch CSI.

Whimsy looks at baby girl, says that we have to still brush teeth, say prayers, and read Goodnight Moon. Alice is unimpressed.

Watch Whimsy as she brings Alice back into the red, white, and blue room after wrestling a toothbrush into Alice's mouth. Alice is a little bit irritated with Whimsy. Oh the indignity of having someone else jam a toothbrush into your mouth! Whimsy is setting up the radio for some low white noise (ocean sounds) to drown out the rest of the house noises. As she does so, she is thinking about that second uncovered window. She is also thinking about that rude 5am wake up call from Miss Alice. Watch Whimsy as she realizes that yes, it would be best to cover that second window.

Whimsy doesn't want to bother her parents with yet another window operation. Instead, let's watch her as she frantically looks for a blanket that will be light, but also big enough to cover the second window. Look how she's smiling because she has found another quillo in the closet.

Now let's see how Whimsy is ignoring Miss Alice (who is fretting inside the pack and play) to try to scale the edge of the bed in order to reach the second window. A window that is much less optimally placed on the wall, so to say. Look at how far Whimsy's arms reach as she teeters on the edge of the bed and frantically jams bits of blanket into the curtain rod! Ouch! Whimsy is pulling her fingers back and sucking on one of them helplessly. It appears that the quillo she is using isn't quite finished - and is, in fact, riddled with many sharp pins. Wow, Whimsy appears to be done with one side of the window, but can't reach the far end. Let's watch her as she figures out that her only option is to balance on a rocking chair to reach the other side of the window. That rocking chair doesn't seem very stable, Whimsy. Especially when the first side of the blanket (with the PINS) falls off the curtain rod and toward your arms. That's a very nice scratch. Whimsy is back up on the bed now, repeating her earlier efforts. Jam, jam, jam, tuck, OUCH (pin). Jam, jam, jam, tuck. Whimsy is ready to get back onto the rocking chair. She holds her stomach muscles in and reaches very high. On tip toes, now, Whimsy! And--- finally! Looks like Whimsy has covered that pesky second window! But not without knocking the little wooden ball off the top of a lamp.

Watch as Whimsy crawls around on her hands and knees to find that wooden ball. And... ball found! Whimsy is triumphant!

And oh no, look: the blanket has fallen again.

Good luck with that, Whimsy.


Eleanor Q. said...

May I suggest binder clips? Just this weekend I hung a dark sheet in Fussbot's room and used binder clips to attach it to the existing, yet ineffective shade. Seems to have worked so far. Poor Whimsy.

Amy said...

I am empathizing over here. Also, binder clips are good if you've got some handy. I hope your antics helped with the sleeping sitch this morning.

serenity now said...

More empathy from my corner of the world. And props to you for taking Alice on the road by yourself yet again!

Alice said...

oh man. i've found myself in that type of situation more often than i'd like, because you'd think i'd learn from them? but not so much.

M said...

Oh dear.

So sorry, friend.

I would do the balancing and bleeding if I were there. Also, there would be much laughter because hello? That's pure comedy gold.

An unfinished quillo? Only in Utah.

artemisia said...

Oh, oh, oh. I feel for ya.

wandering nana said...

Where is the Mr when you need him? "}

nutmeg said...

Whew! And I love your glasses.

Swistle said...

One of my favorite posts.