Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Lazily blogging, y'all. I'm writing this on Tuesday night whilst watching our weekly fix of Deadliest Catch (maneuvering crab boats through 4-foot thick ice, anyone?). This entry will be posted Wednesday morning. While you are reading it, I'll be hanging out in a doctor's waiting room with two (count 'em TWO) toddlers. Alice and her buddy S. Good friend Kate has an appointment and I am the designated Waiting Room Mom, so as to avoid some of that pesky toddler-in-the-exam-room hijinks we're all so familiar with.

More words on Lazy Blogging? Things that are taking precedence over a Real Blog Post:
- watching Deadliest Catch
- sharing a large vanilla cupcake with Chip
- recovering from the Tuesday 90-minute yardwork session (oh the humanity... AND the spiders)
- having a nice pop culture discussion with Chip (this is my fancy way of saying that we're discussing the fact that Jon and Kate are getting divorced - we each have theories about the affects of raising a family on a reality tv show)

IN CASE ANYONE HAS BEEN WONDERING, we found Chip's wallet. In the recycling bin. Actually, it was inside a packet of papers which was inside a large plastic box which was inside the recycling bin. Dumpster diving at its finest, my friends, but it sure paid off.

One final point to make about yesterday's post, since it's All Whiskers All the Time here lately: cats really do lose their whiskers! They do! It's not that often, but they do lose them. I'll usually find them by their scratch post, or where they take their afternoon naps. One time -and this only happened once- one of Fergus' whiskers actually fell out into my hand when I was rubbing his face. It felt like a weird little gift.


Swistle said...

I most often find whiskers on the furniture, which the cats are always hogging.

I'm REALLY GLAD you guys found his wallet! I stress about those things. I felt like looking for it at MY house, just in case.

Eleanor Q. said...

Can we discuss the JK8 docu-drama because ho' boy do I have theories too and DMS doesn't won't watch the show let alone have a meta discussion about it.

Also lazy blogging? At least you POST!