Thursday, June 11, 2009

landing leggily in legolicious land with loopy

I love you guys. I really do. But I've got to say, you're really NOT the choose your own adventure types, are you? I mean, you're given a CHOICE between ONE THING and ANOTHER. And then you actually CHOOSE. ONE THING. Instead, I get this mishmash madness - with a little bit of EVERYTHING? You're a bunch of wackjobs.

Said with love.

And respect.

And kindness.

And, um... well. You know. I guess we meet here because we're all a little crazy and really, if I'm being honest, I should say that I never really got the whole choose-your-own-adventure bit anyway, and wound up starting the book from the back, with each of the different endings, trying to find out exactly HOW a person could GET to the ending with the fiery volcano.

Anyway. Since you simply didn't follow my directions (snort) - I'm not even following my own rules. You don't get cows or seagulls or even the menfolk with them shovels (though really, they're all coming - how can I withhold such brilliance from you? And one other aside, I do believe I'm going to offer Megan MONEY for a picture of Chip with cows, I don't even have that and I'm his wife)--- instead, you're getting this, my further adventures with legos and Alice. Minus the Chip because he had to drive himself off into the sunset on Monday afternoon (there was much moping on my part) so he could go to work. In Montana.


On Wednesday

and I found ourselves getting ready to

with Legos again. It was awesome. Except for the part where

I mean

wasn't so much in the mood. In fact, she got downright

so it was best to try to give her a

but that was not to be. Alice decided that naps are for the stupid chickens. So there was

Which mad the mama a little

It even affected her spelling. See that there? With the backwards Z?
Good thing Alice put it out of its misery.

Close call.

Tomorrow I am taking a fabulous suggestion from the luminous Eleanor Q and doing a GUESS WHAT THIS IS, the Parents' House Edition. You should be very excited. I know I am.

(Seriously, how badly do you want me back in Seattle, when I am actually a little bit more SANE and not hopped up on homemade cookies and way too much comfort food?)


Secret Mom Thoughts said...

Love the photos of the legos.

wandering nana said...

Okay, so is all this done with the 1 bag of giant legos?
The grands and I decided to do a robot (no pictures as we have a Godzilla living in the house) It was okay, except his arms kept falling off. I love the words, we'll have to try those. I don't know about you but I am soooo ready to go home. Hot, humid and an electrical storm and sirens blaring are not my favorite things!

Alice said...

i vote for the next words to be made out of legos to be "HULK SMASH," and then a montage of alice doing just that.

angelalois said...

wow, this must have taken forever!!! we do miss you!

stacie d said...

I just want to say that I used to looooooove going to your house because you had Legos. OK, other reasons too...

Like Texas Sheet Cake and your mom's cookies.

Oh, and your wonderful friendship. :)

Heidi W. said...

Are you sure Alice was the one who was bored!!!!? Very creative though! Fun post.

statia said...

You have entirely too much time on your hands, but really, I'm jealous of your fun ability. I lack that, sadly.