Friday, June 26, 2009

three things (the first)

I don't know about you, but I feel like we're in the midst of a pernicious blogging drought. It seems to have begun sometime mid-May and has continued to plague the internet world since. This is not to point to any specific blogger or specific posts (or lack thereof) because dude, I am feeling the pain.

But amidst the wide dry floor of Blogging Possibility, there are some serious bright spots. To wit! I have an IDEA! That I MUST SHARE WITH ALL OF YOU.

Three suggestions. It starts with three suggestions of Things I Think You Should Read. I'll post the links here, and then! And then! You can do the same! Post three suggestions of great blog posts (don't even have to be RECENT) on your blog - and then link back here. Could be posts you've written, or posts by someone else, whatever - anything goes. Email me that you're participating and I'll include links here as well. That way we can ALL have new stuff to be reading.

I'm going to start today - and I'll continue to do this each Friday for a while, we'll see how well this goes and if we get bored by it or if we actually run out of ideas (doubtful) or if we actually can WILL THE DROUGHT TO END through our active sharing of Great Things.

Three Things You Should Read according to Whimsy:

Marathoning by Eleanor Q

This Post by M that STILL makes me laugh

A Few Things That I Shouldn't Care About by Dr. Maureen

* * *

Updated with:

- Three Things You Should Read according to Amanda - go here for her links!

- Three Things You Should Read according to Swistle - go here for her links!

Happy reading and happy Friday!


Amanda said...

I participated:

Secret Mom Thoughts said...

Great idea. I'll participate next week.

angelalois said...

Hey, when you mentioned this, I thought of that SAME EXACT POST by the Wife since I refer to it every once in awhile. Rules rules rules. I'm still thinking if I'm playing, but your reads were good ones!

Spadoman said...

I didn't go look up the word you used, "pernicious", but after it you mentioned blogging drought and that I understand. Less visitors, less writing, (as I have been on the road), less time to read others creativity, (on the road, out in the fresh air and long periods of daylight). Anyway, this is the way it goes sometimes. You have a good idea here though. And I sure like it when I see you around my place. I'll patiently wait through the drought and when the Autumn winds blow, all will be right in blogville.


M said...

SERIOUSLY?!? The Name Game?

I was serious, man. I live with that guy! He is SERIOUS about those rules.

Example. He's recently discovered an affection for the name Fergus. (you know why.) BUT! He will NOT renege on those rules to name a child Fergus.

He is hard and fast. And more stubborn than I am, I confess.