Monday, June 8, 2009

what do you do to keep your toddler happy at your parents' house

You design and build spectacular robots that are sure to help the world.

And then your husband throws little lego-sized fireballs at the friendly robot. He loses an arm.

And his head.

And then a giant green ball comes rolling out of nowhere to squish him flat.

Who could possibly be the culprit?

Oh yes. She looks quite proud of her work.

Bye bye robot.


serenity now said...

Oh, that's an adorable child! Something about those cheeks, that belly, the arms . . As for her destructive powers, assertive women begin at an early age, it seems.

Alice said...

well, she should be proud! she may have saved the lego world from ruin :-)

Eleanor Q. said...

You make a great robot. I love the picture of Alice looking at her (very cute) belly in the reflection on the ball.

wandering nana said...

Oh, the humanity.... (said with a wailing tone) "}

M said...

I like how it looks like Alice was wielding the ball with her mighty belleh.

You are all awesome. Send awesome this way. Am fresh out of awesome.