Tuesday, October 9, 2007

current confessions

I’m drinking my second Snapple Mango Madness “Juice” of the day. I believe that it was a Sign From Above that this second Mango Madness was meant for me when it was the only one left in the cafeteria refrigerator.

I like to use Random Capitalization. Though I don’t believe it is actually random in any way. I fully intend my Capitals when I Capitalize.

I am in the throws of a ginger obsession. I simply can’t smell it enough. It is helpful that I have a ginger perfume (Origins Ginger). It is the only thing I’ve worn in 5 months, when normally I’m a more fruity perfume lover. Origins Ginger: The Official Perfume of My Pregnancy.

We are having the official ultrasound a week from Friday. Until today, I hadn’t even considered that The Bean wouldn’t let us see his or her private parts. Suddenly, I’m sitting here thinking – wow, we’re so looking forward to this whole unveiling thing, and it might not even happen. It’s stunned me a bit and now a feel a little duncey that this has never before occurred to me.

Have I mentioned I can be a little dumb sometimes?

There’s a blog site that I visit often, thanks to The Wife’s suggestion. The site is a shocking purple color. I normally limit myself to only a few minutes of it, because all that purple does something wicked to my own personal SIGHT. Earlier today, I somehow found myself reading the back entries over at the purple place. And I think I stayed on there a bit longer than recommended (is 2 hours really too long?) because now I CAN’T SEE. EVERYTHING IS A WEIRD YELLOW COLOR. WHITE = YELLOW. THAT’S NOT NORMAL, IS IT?


tearese said...

We had to go twice for Elora, because she was hiding parts with both her feet and her hands! And the second time we only saw it at the very last minute. Good luck!

The Wife said...

yeah for the new picture! that's my girl!

boo for seeing yellow-white all day.

Agnes says, "Hi! Will you take me home with you because My People? They aren't home enough."