Wednesday, October 17, 2007

we're all lumpy here, thanks

We're attempting the two-fold post here at The Creamery again. It didn't work out so well last time, but I have much hope that we will achieve success. We are hardy!

Thought of the first variety:

Winston is recovering nicely. I spoke to him last night, and actually made him laugh when I suggested Chip’s offer of Eyebrow Solidarity wherein he shaves an eyebrow and they both get inked at a local tattoo parlor. It looks like the doctors will be monitoring his recovery, and in a few weeks Winston will start radiation. We don’t know if he’ll be doing that cream treatment I mentioned yesterday.

Thought the second:

Consider the scene, a couple of weeks ago - I'm trying to get my husband to help me take a belly photo. I was overcome with guilt, that I was 18-weeks pregnant and didn’t have a single darn picture of my midsection. I suppose my thought process had been about shielding the unsuspecting masses from close-up shots of the after-affects of too many donuts. Anyway, I started thinking of The Bean, and the fact that this is my chance to give him or her a true birth experience. I’m adopted – so I don’t have any pictures of The Belly That I’m In. I don’t feel deprived, by any means, but it’s one of these unique little situations we adoptees find ourselves in: being able to provide something for a child of our own making that we, ourselves, did not have. Like the ability to curse me (to my face) for my gosh-darn slow metabolism, or dry skin, or whatever ailment I am passing on to The Bean. (I do have fantastic eyebrows, even if I say so myself – so I do hope he or she gets those. I love The Chip and all his parts – but my eyebrows are fantastic.)

Anyway… I decided to do some belly pics. Like I could track the projection of girth from 18 weeks on. Pretend that nothing happened in the previous weeks, physically speaking, at least.

Chip was excited to help me out in this endeavor, if a little clueless in what I wanted. I kept trying to explain the kind of shot I was looking for. Finally, he decided to pose for me, so I could actually, you know, show him – with photographic pictorials.

I was expecting him to just stand there. Instead, he did this:

I suppose it was to give the general idea of my belly, as opposed to either his bad impression of it (am I all LUMPY or something?) or his hilarious method-acting techniques.

I love this guy.


Heidi said...

Way to go, Chip--that's hilarious!

Oh, have fun with the belly pictures, Whimsy! Believe it or not, a couple months after you have the bean, you won't be able to remember what it's like to be pregnant. So, those belly pictures are wonderful proof (in addition to the Beautiful Bean in your arms) that you were, indeed, at one point pregnant. (Honestly--it's the strangest thing. And I actually WANTED to remember what it was like to be pregnant).

And don't feel bad about missing the first weeks. We did a bunch at the beginning--and while I felt bigger and bigger, it really didn't show up on film. It's from your time now and on that things really get going! :)

Glad to hear Winston is doing well!

(Oh yeah, and I didn't know you were adopted. That's cool).

emilyshaw said...

lol! chip: love the lump.
i stop by the creamery on a regular basis and neglect to comment ... sorry about that. i do enjoy all your posts and even come back to read other's comments. i'm just a little 'shy' - for lack of a better word - to add my silly comments.
as for this post though, 1)i'm glad to hear that your dad is feeling better and my prayers are with him as he heads into radiation treatment.
2) you will absolutely adore these pictures in a few years when The Bean asks to see them and starts to ask questions about why daddy has a lump too :) hee hee. My oldest is fasinated with pictures of herself as a baby and would love nothing more than to sit and talk about what she was like when she was little. she isn't self-centered just likes to hear about her babyhood. and one of her FAVE pictures is the one of my big tummy just before we went to the hospital. "i'm in there mom?" it almost makes me tear up typing this... (sigh) thanks for letting me spill, but i think it's GREAT that you're gonna be a mommy soon! congratulations! (both of you - it's a team thing ;))

Tessie said...

This is all well and good and FUNNY too (hee hee), but WHERE IS YOURS?

tearese said...

18 weeks is the perfect time to start your pictures. Good job getting it in your post, by the way. Elora always said daddy had a baby in his tummy too, and Joseph was NOT happy about that. At least Chip had a baby tummy intentionally!

Whimsy said...

Ahhhh - thanks for all the kind comments! We really are very excited, in case you can't tell (like there's any doubt). I think I'm going to continue to take pics of Chip - it'll be funny, if anything. I just hope he doesn't expand to quite my same girth. That might be a wee bit frightening - for me and for The Bean. Yikes!

Chip said...

I don't question the pregnant lady.. duh..