Thursday, October 25, 2007

thhhhhh... blah

Can I tell you, I'm beat. Beat up. Beat down. Burned out. Tired. Feeling lame. Blobby. Drained. Dried up. Unfunny. Unfocused. Uninspired. Fizzled. Haggard. Spent. Wasted. Weary. Worn out.

I can bring myself to tell you that I'm grateful for the following:
  • Tums. Smoothies Tums (assorted fruit flavors), specifically. They save my heart-burned belly on a regular basis. And bonus: CALCIUM!
  • My Boss asking me today if I've ever seen someone put one of these on their lip (as he flourished a binder clip in his fingers). I can't tell you enough just how random this dude really is.

I'm now going to go crawl under the bed.


Heidi said...

Sorry you're so beat! (I almost found a pattern in your words--3 b's, 3 u's, 3 w's).

Ahh, Tums. A pregnant woman's best friend. (I had those in my purse and by my bed constantly towards the end).

tearese said...

oh yeah, the tums are a necessity when pregnant.
I've put one of thse binder clips on my lip I think.

The Wife said...

Duuuude. Your boss put a BINDER clip on his LIP???

You officially have the coolest boss ever. My boss laughs at me behind my back because she's managed to pawn off some horrible, stressful, mess of work on me and she's not doing it.

sorry you're beat.

I'm going to look at plane tickets out there.

Whimsy said...

Thanks for the show of support, ladies.

We will rally around the things that we can:
-Tums Smoothies!
-Binder clips on lips! (especially VP's)
-Possible airplane visits from BEST FRIEND.

More please.

stacie d said...

can i enter my boss in the wacky/cool boss competition? the other day he randomly blasted "bad to the bone" in his office then ran down the hall in an attempt to play air guitar & slide by our offices. problem is...the halls are carpeted & he was in sneakers. needless to say, there was no SLIDE invovled...instead there was a huge crash into the wall & he rolled down the hall.