Thursday, October 4, 2007

free floating thanks

Seeing as how I was suspended magically in mid-air last Thursday (whizzing thousands of feet above the face of the earth – on my way to picturesque Familyland) – this is my 2nd Thankful Thursday. For you, gentle readers, I have prepared a double helping of Thanks:

- Planes that stay up

- BLT sandwiches made by mom (how is it that they're ALWAYS better when assembled by mom?)

- The rare chance to sleep in

- Homemade apple pie

- A friend that will text you on your cell phone, just to see how you're doing

- Returning from a trip to a SPARKLING CLEAN HOUSE - including clean bathrooms & vacuumed stairs

- The lemon poppyseed cake (with a tiny bit of vanilla soft-serve) at Chuck-A-Rama (more on this later)

- Even when it isn't the house you grew up in, it can still be your childhood home. Your parents are there, as are those familiar smells that make everything so presient.

- Coming home--- the home of now, the home of always, the home of your heart. Always coming home to the one you love, whose arms are familiar beyond comparison. The ache is gone and you're so happy to be in his presence, you make him follow you upstairs to keep you company while you unpack.

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