Friday, October 5, 2007


It was Monday night when I realized I hadn’t taken a single blooming picture – really too late to fix the problem, what with me leaving the next day. I wound up taking a couple of quick shots of the dog – and one of a particularly pretty tree in my parents’ front yard. No images of people. Strange that this was my last trip to see my mom and dad before The Bean’s entrance into the world, and even stranger that I have no pictures to show for it. Instead, I present you with my mental snapshots from the trip. Some are more disjointed than others, like those photos you quickly take, hoping they’ll make sense to you when you’re whizzing through the images later.

Sitting by my sister-in-law at the little dining room bar, looking into the kitchen, watching Mom make rice for Dad’s birthday lunch. SIL relates the more HILLARIOUS pieces from a recent funeral – complete with reinactment of two individuals’ musical talents and the offering they made thereof. There is also mention of a somewhat inappropriate show of too much emotion. I laugh until I cry.

Dad's use of bungee cords.

A very lively and family-filled visit to Chuck-A-Rama, an establishment with which I have been heretofore uninitiated. The food is absolutely fantastic for a pregnant girl (all you can eat, mish-mash of every comfort food known to mankind--including the Utah/Idaho version of a scone which is basically deep fried BREAD, salad bar, and yet more bread, and the previously mentioned and much-loved lemon poppyseed cake). The name of the place keeps cracking me up. I lean over to try to include someone in the joke, and realize that they might be offended by my amusement. It's Chuck-A-Rama! It's hillarious!

Joyously happy cousins and their little girl.

Frequent bathroom stops, including one at a McDonald's where the desire for a cheeseburger overcomes my better judgement. I leave poor Mom & Dad out there in the car, awaiting my return, while I cruise through the SLOWEST LINE KNOWN TO MAN to order my food, and grab a Coke. As I get back into the car (with my winningest smile), Dad mutters something about how they were thinking I'd fallen in.

Dad hugging me at the airport.

Standing in the living room, looking out at the aching beauty that is my parents' backyard. And then seeing mom walk out on the grass with a blanket wrapped 'round her shoulders. So odd, so good.

Mom's lovingly-made peanut butter and jam sandwich, awaiting me in the car upon my arrival on Thursday night.

Watching the family of deer in my parents' next-door neighbors' backyard.

Light snowfall - and driving through it safely.

Me, in a bathroom stall of the Salt Lake City airport facilities, after a 2-hour drive. All is quiet until I hear Mom's voice calling my name, and when I respond, her excited exclamation, "Oh! I just knew you'd be in here! You left your camera in the back of the car." As I frantically try to get done up, she hands the camera to me under the stall door and says she has to run so Dad doesn't get a ticket. This hand is the last bit I see of Mom before I leave.

Enjoy your weekend, my dears! Next week, I'm going to talk about: Winston, Whimsy television line-up, and perhaps a bit about my ever-expanding neuroses. AREN'T YOU EXCITED?!?!


tearese said...

The only time I've been to Chuck a Rama was for the luncheon after my sisters wedding. She was so embarrassed that my parents decided to have it at a place with a name like that, especially because her in-laws seemed more well to do than our own family. The food was pretty good...and not as embarrassing as she thought it might be.

The Wife said...

I'm excited!

also. Churck-O-Rama (SHUDDER) I thought my sister was kidding when she told me that this was her in-laws' favorite restraunt. Am so disturbed that every time I see her in-laws I see a flashing neon sign in my head that says "Chuch-o-Rama!" It's wierd. I'm okay with that.

Also. Your mom in the airport bathroom! How sweet! We love mom's who just *know*! And the walking in the backyard in a blanket? How cool is that? I'm so glad you had some highlights! And bold highlights!

Also. I must meet your SIL. She sounds cool.

stacie d said...