Wednesday, October 24, 2007

is that a baby in my belly or did i just have teriyaki for lunch?

I am swamped, beleaguered, very much BURIED in work right now. But I have time for a quick post. Quick! Post!

Despite the ginormous piles of work, I might have spent some time looking at all the beautiful things here. And also here. What? I can’t pretend this baby is going to be adorned in $45 onesies?

Speaking of The Bean, I thought I was just getting extra hungry/gurgly in the belly area around 3 pm for the past week. Today I realized no – that’s just THE BABY IN MY BELLY GETTING ALL JIGGY WITH IT. We felt her move for the first time about 3 days after I got back from visiting my parents. It was this little almost stomach grumble, but without feeling like it was an actual part of me. Like someone else’s grumbly stomach had jumped into my stomach. The little rolls and kicks of The Bean have continued like this – sometimes getting vaguely stronger, but nothing major.

For the past week, 'round about 3 o'clock, however, The Bean gets some kind of manic jolt of energy (no - it's not THE SNAPPLE, I swear), because gosh darn it, the girl is tap dancing across my insides. And it’s really weird, in the loveliest way. I am mesmerized by this sensation, and can sit/lie for HOURS (yes, HOURS) feeling her move, waiting to feel her move, anticipating her moves, etc. I keep grabbing Chip’s hands and showing him HERE, YES HERE. And he’ll smile and stay transfixed for about 30 seconds before he goes back to his meaningful game of golf on the 360.

Now I'm headed back to do some WORK. I must labor diligently for my dollars to purchase at least 3 pairs of these (because - STRIPEY!)


stacie d said...

this post made me get chills! it's so cool & exciting! the baby is starting to do her thing in there!!! i love hearing how women describe the various feelings of pregnancy. although the idea of myself ever being pregnant still freaks me out big time, i love experiencing it through my beautiful mommy friends!

p.s. you're a mom! it's going to take me a while to get used to that.

The Wife said...

Getting Jiggy with it???

Who are you and what have you done with my best friend? Jiggy with it?! I need to lie down.

And STRIPEY!!! Ohmigoodness those are so so cute!

Whimsy said...

Jiggy? Well, um, it's quite possible that I spent a lot of time yesterday with our corporate audio visual specialist, who had me listening to vast amounts of dance music, in anticipation of our upcoming meeting (checking which tunes to play - VERY IMPORTANT). And I had some sort of weird flashback of slang from 1992. Or something.