Wednesday, December 19, 2007

brian watch: 2007

In case you've been dying to know some of the various locales our friend Brian has been in the last few days:

- South Seattle shipyards. To look at the rusty ferries. He was not allowed to cover the press conference.

- Side of road, Snoqualmie Pass. To show how deep the snow was getting. There were no props, but he illustrated the fierce and hateful substance known as SNOW by holding a fistful of the stuff to the camera. And crunching it between his fingers. It was a gripping story.


stripeacus said...

HEE neds tooo do uh reeoprt onn my caveyyy sichewation. Its a grate story, an catss of the world need to knoww

ailene said...

Okay, I hope I'm not the only one who doesn't understand the comment above mine...

Sounds funny! I haven't had my TV on for the past couple of days... so I guess I missed the gripping and rusty stories. I wonder why they wouldn't let him cover the press conference?

Whimsy said...

Ummm, so it appears that FERGUS has opened his own blogger ID and is leaving comments. That, or my HUSBAND is very funny.

Welcome to my weird world.

Also: Brian was up on the side of the road AGAIN TODAY. Dude probably camped there overnight.

ailene said...

Hahaha! Imagining Fergus on the computer cracks me up... :) Sneaky cat!