Friday, December 21, 2007


As far as I'm concerned, I think that life is found in the minutia. We run through our days, focusing on the next Big Event, the next Major Happening, all the while we see and do and participate in tiny moments that we may not remember in a day or a month – but make the particular day they occur that much more savory. Without these wee bits of Daily Random, we’d be awfully bored. The strange thing is, of course, as these moments add salt and flavor to our lives – isn’t it funny how we can’t remember them? How something that was so funny, so sad, so moving, so odd, so horrible – is gone from memory in a week?

My attempt to file away some of the Daily Random I experienced this week.

- Downtown Seattle, walking to the bank. See three medium-sized dogs trotting in an orderly fashion, tongues hanging out. Each of them is wearing his own set of angel wings.

- Chip, talking to the Dish Network Helpdesk Dude about the receiver in my studio. The receiver that hadn't been working in over a week. (Imagine Chip's most sarcastic voice): "No, man, it wasn't working until the second you picked up my call. And now it is working. It's like a CHRISTMAS MIRACLE in our very own house."

- Fergus on the new hardwood floor, trying to chase after Phoebe. He loses traction altogether and does a 360 turn into the kitchen. His look of total bewilderment is priceless.

- The bus driver this morning. So excited for the weekend, he can hardly contain his glee. His attempts at "jolly" manifest more as "freakish shouting in the direction of random exiting passengers". HAVE THE BEST WEEKEND EVER! HAVE A GREAT CHRISTMAS! I WON'T BE SEEING YOU FOR A FEW DAYS! ENJOY MY TIME OFF!

- Chip and I trying to figure out our new camcorder. We discovered this footage when we pressed PLAYBACK. (Dialogue set to BLACK SCREEN)
Me: I don't know if it's working.
Chip: Um- I'm not sure either. No, wait. Yes it is. It's working. (jostling, heavy sigh)
Me: Where's the picture? There's no picture. Is the lens cap on?
Chip: Yes, but it's clear... so we should be able to see through it. Wait, the shutter is still closed. (more jostling, clicking)
Me: How do you open it? (rustle, click, click)
Me: THERE! (picture suddenly bursts into frame)

Now - what would you add to the list?


Artemisia said...

Last night I walked into the bedroom and A. was standing in the master bathroom, buck naked, running a bath, covering himself with his hands and had the most startled look his face. Seriously, deer in the headlights. I burst out laughing and fell to the floor.

Ah, happy random.

Happy Friday to you!

Tessie said...

The kids at daycare the day before the holiday break. They are MENTAL with joy and craziness and cookies. It is AWESOME.

Whimsy said...





stacie d said...

I walked by David Duchovny on the sidewalk today. His hotness isn't something I'll likely forget any time soon......however still random.

ailene said...

My kids make my day interesting...

Cadence screaming her freaking head off... kicking her legs and thrashing her arms and shaking her head like a maniac...

...Because we tried to get her sit on Santa's lap...

(I asked Jared how he thinks the children would feel if he taught them that this man comes into our house at night)

This card probably expresses best how my children would feel about that idea:

But yeah... Cadence freaking out about Santa was absolutely hilarious... screaming like a wild banshee... I've never seen her freak out so much over anything before... it was probably just like whimsy's encounter with slugs making whoopie on the side of her house... :)

The Wife said...

The Husband dancing like an automated Santa Clause as Feliz Navidad plays in the background.

The Husband advocating more fat in my diet because...duuuuude! The Baby neeeeeds the FAT.

The Agnes jumping on the Leike's back and attempting to ride her like a pony. And also the Leike's face of abject humiliation at this treatment!