Thursday, December 6, 2007

umbrella envy

I didn't know it was possible, but I've worn out my umbrella. There are little moth-like holes in most of the places where the joints of the metal umbrella skeleton meet the fabric. These holes, while allowing for some great cross-flow of air (!!!) also give errant raindrops a place to drip drip drip onto my face and clothes, which... sort of goes against an umbrella's raison d'etre, don't you think?

Waiting for a light to change, I cowered under my swiss cheese umbrella and looked longingly at the other umbrellas in my midst: bright chartreuse green; sleek black with a reinforced top; sassy clear plastic with a bold black graphic; larger than life picnic umbrella. None of those had holes in them, I'm sure.

Yes, while other blogs give you hilarious commentary, adorable photos, and thought-provoking tidbits about daily life, you come to The Creamery for a beleaguered and whiny treatise on the sad shape of my umbrella. What can I say - it's all about the QUALITY HERE.

I'm very happy it's Thursday, because it means we're one day closer to the weekend.

Thankful for: cold noses on warm kitties; slices of cheddar cheese with Newman's pretzels; a warm blanket to snuggle into tonight.


Heidi said...

Hey, I'm just impressed that you still use an umbrella. I stopped years ago... :)

At least Chip knows what to get you for Christmas, now!

stacie d said...

i'm glad i live in l.a. because i really don't like umbrellas. other people always seem to have theirs right at my eye level. yes, i have been poked in the head.

we're actually supposed to get rain here tonight! it was 83 degrees & sunny yesterday...go figure!

ailene said...

You'd think that growing up in Washington, I'd have an umbrella... well, I guess we do have one... it's one that Jared found somewhere... and decided to keep, I guess... it's gray. I never use it though... I guess I'm just used to the rain!

tearese said...

Umbrellas never seemed to work for me downtown either, especially in that area between third and the Westlake Center. Wind was always turning other people's inside out!
And..Chartreuse green?
I always wanted a clear one.

Whimsy said...

I probably should've added, for all the northwesterners in the group, that I usually don't bother with an umbrella, either. However, for work purposes I go through the hassle with the beast because otherwise my hair becomes FRIZZTASTIC beyond comparison. And I'm usually trying to look semi-presentable for Workplace because it's kinda fancy-ish. (Also - waiting for the bus is a tragedy if I don't have my umbrella. Even the merest drizzle can make everything DAMP BEYOND MEASURE when you're standing in it for too long.)

It's totally a badge of NW courage to not carry an umbrella, I know. When I first moved up here I had people LAUGHING at me when I hauled the thing out for the merest drizzle or mist.

Have I justified my appearance of wimpiness yet?

ailene said...

Yes... an umbrella is definitely a must if you need to keep your hair looking nice! Either that or use an entire can of hairspray, and then bring a spritzer bottle, some mousse, and a comb in your purse to fix your hair once you get to work... :)