Friday, December 14, 2007

more than you ever wanted to know about me courtesy of my own good will and Google searches

The other day I pulled up Google to search for something and noticed the list of items for which I'd previously searched. While it was endlessly entertaining to me, I can only imagine how much fun you're going to have when you read a sampling. DON'T JUDGE ME.

- Animals that start with S
- Attack on Pearl Harbor
- Babies r Us
- Baby cribs
- Boris Yeltsin
- Brasa Seattle
- Bumbershoot
- Carpet
- Cat dressed as Star Trek character (I was really committed to bringing you a picture of Spockgus, but alas, no luck)
- Cat Star Trek costume (but I kept trying)
- Cats dressed in Star Trek costumes (and trying)
- Cats in costumes (and really trying)
- Cement water sealant on cat (you can guess what this was from)
- Cement water sealant on a cat's paws (this one too)
- Chicco (researching a car seat)
- Chuck-a-Rama (good times)
- Cletus the Slack-Jawed Yokel
- Crib bedding
- Doppler rental (yes, we rented one and it's the BEST THING EVER. LOVE IT.)
- Eight is Enough (because I met this guy and told you about it)
- Free clipart eyebrow (I did add eyebrows to a picture of Winston. I'm giving it to him with his Christmas present.)
- GI Joe Scoop
- Hardwood flooring water sealant (still working on those cat paws - apparently switched to different search topic)
- Homeland Security threat levels
- How long will it take to drive from Seattle to Portland with I-5 closures? (Because sometimes I just give him on the one-word searches and go for AN ENTIRE QUESTION - and this was work-related)
- Hyperventilating (I wouldn't recommend it, but luckily it doesn't hurt the baby)
- I-5 closure (because I must've tried this first and it didn't give me much)
- Is I-5 closed south of Tacoma? (trying that pesky question thing again)
- Lyrics for Starbucks Glenn commercial Eye of the Tiger (If you haven't seen it, you should - but I wasn't ever able to find the lyrics. Anyone out there have them?)
- Magnets
- Music from the swamp (I... just don't know about this one)
- Spock
- Star Trek pet costumes (still trying)
- Star Trek Spock (do I get points for persistence?)
- The Amazing Race CBS
- Travelocity Roaming Gnome

This is, of course, only a sampling. And also a scary glimpse INSIDE MY BRAIN.

In other news, I have an OB appointment today. The dreaded glucose test. I’m irrationally nervous about it – namely because I have this Just Say No policy to any weird drinks. And that syrupy-looking orange “glucose test beverage” just… looks nasty. I can actually do strange food over an icky beverage. I don’t know if it’s a consistency or texture thing or what – but I won’t drink Pepto Bismol (I did a Dance of Joy the day they came out with Pepto in pill form) – or Alka Seltzer – or Theraflu – and only under EXTREME DURESS will I drink that cold cure whatzit stuff Airborne. I have that strict milk phobia anyway – but even drinking MILK, that I purchased, that I kept in my own refrigerator, is sort of a trial for me. This whole aversion to weird beverages isn’t new. My parents tell a great story about 4-year-old me developing something of a habit for Flintstone’s vitamins. I loved the Fred’s so much (those were the purple ones, right? The Fred’s?) that I snuck the entire bottle down from the high cabinet where it was kept and snacked on the pills in front of the television until my mom found me. I had eaten nearly the ENTIRE bottle so off we went to the Emergency room. It would have been a fairly easy thing – they give me some milk to drink with an extra special dose of Ipecac or whatever to force me to throw it all up, thereby saving my body from an extreme overload of iron. However, we’re talking about ME here – even 4-year-old me had both the icky beverage aversion AS WELL AS the weirdness about the milk. So dude, do you think I just chugged it down? Nooooooo. Apparently, they begged, they pleaded, they threatened, they did everything they could to get me to drink the darn glass of milk. But I’d only take these baby sips. And it took FOREVER.

I may be weird (see Google junk above). I may be stubborn (see vitamin overdose incident above). I may be totally goofy (see milk and weird beverage issues above). I may be all of those things - at least I'm consistent.

Happy weekend, my friends. Here's to you!


Tessie said...

Good luck with the glucose thing. I was freaked too because I hate stuff that's too sweet.

It's really not bad though. I mean, it's not THICK or anything. It's just like orange pop.

stacie d said...

oh my word....your google searches....i love it!!! hahaha

it made me want to look at my own. among the many were "fat animals" and "persimmon" - i think it proves we are destined to be friends forever!!

Artemisia said...

My sister has to do the glucose thing, too.

I HATE MILK. If I see milk, in a clear glass, and someone (NOT ME) takes a drink, and you can see where the milk COATED THE SIDES OF THE GLASS, I start to gag, and gag, and approximately 50 percent of the time I end up throwing up.

ailene said...

hahaha... hope your glucose test goes well! I just had mine done... they had a fruit punch flavor that didn't taste TOO bad... but it was still kind of gross. The best advise I can give is chug it as fast as you can... and not sip it...